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diy shoe racks and shelves

diy shoe racks and shelves

Do you have a lot of shoes If you conveniently organize and store them, you can tidy up your home wherever you keep them. Most of the common shoe racks, warehouses, and shelves are boring and sometimes ugly. Avoid ugly storage items that show off your shoes at their best with these cool DIY shoe racks and shelves!

Copper is a very trendy metal, and copper tubing is even more trendy as it gives your space an edgy industrial feel. Here is a floating shoe rack made from DIY copper tubing. This project is actually pretty simple. The most important part of the design for me was that it remained a “floating” rack. It makes life so much easier when you can sweep and clean without having to put anything out of the way first.

Clear your floor of shoe buildup by building a sleek shoe rack. It contains enough cubbies for heels, flats, sneakers and high boots. The finished shelf is 46 x 35 x 16 1/2 inches and comes together pretty quickly, with painting being the most time consuming step. This project is easy enough for beginners, but be sure to work with a partner as the device will get heavy quickly.

This DIY shoe rack is really easy to make and you will love it because it is easy to assemble and uses readily available materials. This DIY shoe rack can have different finishes depending on your personal style. The piece would work with the metal that was left over with its natural galvanized finish with white shelves, rough wooden shelves, acrylic shelves, etc. The sky is the limit! Read the tutorial and do it!

Some things we wear shouldn’t be hidden in the closet – they’re too beautiful for that! Pretty shoes and boots are number one among these items. To make them stand out in a beautiful way and make each piece stand out, you can make cool shelves. This shoe rack is mounted on the wall and has some LEDs to emphasize your shoes as much as possible. Read how to make one if you like it!

Building a shelf for shoes doesn’t seem like much of a solution to your life, but it really helps. A crowded room subconsciously affects everyone who also messes up your mind. The authors of this project bring you a do-it-yourself shoe rack that breaks up space and turns your shoes into decor. Read how to do it and tidy up your space in style.

This tutorial is about organizing a mud room with all of these shoes on. You will find a cool storage bench and some floating shoe racks, all of which are minimalist in style and are sturdy and comfortable. You can give them any stain or color you want, or keep them minimalistic as in the source. Get inspired!

This small shoe rack is a great piece to organize your entrance area and clear it up immediately. It is built of wood and painted and stained. There are two stories to organizing more shoes and boots. You can even add more stories to the shelf to hold more shoes, but a two-story piece looks smaller and takes up less space. Get smart!

This cute shoe rack is great for rustic rooms because it is made of pallets. The shoe rack is painted a neutral shade and there are some planters with succulents to compliment the decor of your room. You can opt for spots, colors, and plants on the top and customize the frame to your liking for a better fit. Enjoy!

Summer is the hottest time of the year when you just can't live without water for long. Take it with you! To make it easier for children and adults to carry water, you can make a water bottle bag. This is a small bag that you can take anywhere and that can only hold one or two bottles. Let's take a look at some simple projects to make such a bag!

This super easy-to-sew loop can be made in no time! This pouch holds a 16.9 ounce bottle. However, it can be easily adapted to your favorite bottle. Read the tutorial, follow the steps, and bring the water with you next time you're out! It's also a great way to carry your empty bottle until you find a trash can or until you find a place to refill and reuse your bottle.

This no-sew, DIY water bag isn't just for the festival season - you can wear it for a hike or a creative spring date too. A small pocket on the front holds your cash, phone, or ID for a lightweight and adorable all-in-one bag. It's a great idea to carry your bottle in style and add a bright touch to the look. Have fun!

This loop is sewn for a Tupperware water bottle and contains the corresponding measures. However, you can also customize the bag for your bottles. Sew the bag according to the instructions in the source and add some straps for convenient carrying. I love the color of the fabric - it looks like denim!

This ultra-simple water bottle bag is made from normal canvas and decorated with a colorful zigzag seam. The only difficulty with this is that you should have a sewing machine to make this brightly colored seam. Take some very light colored yarn to do the seam and enjoy your bag!

Make this bold and cool water bottle bag for your kids! The piece is made of auto printed fabric as it is a boys version while you can also make a girls version with a floral or other glamorous fabric. The bag is very convenient for carrying cross-bodies and the dimensions are given for children. Help your kids stay hydrated while playing outdoors!

This DIY water bottle bag is a colorful and pretty piece of floral fabric and features a colorful monogram. The piece makes a very practical gift for anyone that is easy to carry around on short walks and carry separately when your hands are loaded with books and supplies, or when you ride a bike or something. Get inspired!

This cool water bottle sling not only has room for a bottle, it also has a super long strap to carry on the cross and a tiny pocket on the front. The fussy cut is almost invisible and just big enough for some cards, cash, and keys. The inside is lined with fleece to provide some protection from heat and cold and to absorb condensation.

This water bottle bag is very convenient to use as it has a spout and elastic band that allows you to carry the bottle more safely, even when you are playing sports or just very active. Your bottle won't fall out of the loop. Read the tutorial and do this functional piece and voila!

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