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diy projects using shoeboxes

diy projects using shoeboxes

A shoebox is a great thing to recycle, and you can make a lot of things out of it. So don’t throw away your shoeboxes. Today I prepared some cool and easy DIY projects that use shoeboxes. Let’s see what you can make of it.

This colorful modern wall art is a great idea to make and you don’t need boxes, you need shoebox lids to make it. This craft is all about covering the shoebox lids with various bold wallpaper and other things you like – nothing difficult here. Go ahead and decorate your space with a bold piece of art.

When you have a lot of nail polishes and you don’t know where to put them to keep them organized. Take an ordinary shoebox and fill it with nail polish! To make a regular shoebox more interesting, quickly renovate it with bold wallpaper or contract papers. Read the tutorial on how to do this.

This picnic basket is a creative piece, it is an ordinary shoebox covered with various fabrics and tied with ribbons that serve as handles. When not in use, this picnic basket can be used to store various little things. Choose fabrics according to your taste and make a chic basket.

If you are a handyman, you are probably looking for convenient ways to organize whatever you need. Make a ribbon organizer with a shoebox! This shoebox can be renovated with colorful wallpaper and then simply add eyelets for the ribbons. Read the source for how to do this.

Charging cables don’t seem as annoying as headphone cables, but they can still make the room look unorganized and neat. To avoid this, you can make a charging station out of a shoebox that is refurbished with cool paper – a perfect idea for those who have lots of devices.

If you have a lot of pens, pencils, and markers and no pen holder can hold them all, a shoebox will help! Turn a shoebox of wallpaper and toilet rolls that you put in it into an organizer – they’ll hold the pens. Read the tutorial on how to make such a piece.

Here is another shoebox wall art. The idea is pretty simple: choose the colors and prints you like, cover the shoeboxes with the paper you like, then just hang them on the wall. Read the entire tutorial for further instructions.

Make some decorative shelves for a simple wall with just shoeboxes and some paint. Such shelves are perfect for light items, get creative and display some of your favorite pieces like small vases, found objects, trinkets or frames. Use boxes of different sizes and a variety of brightly colored papers to create your own unique display that is tailored to your home.

This craft is for those girls who have a lot of jewelry. This is a fancy shoe box armband organizer, and the whole idea is very simple: cover the shoebox with leather, add a bold rhinestone on top and some toilet paper rolls that contain all of the bracelets you have, right? Also, forget to cover the rollers with leather.

If you’re looking for a DIY project to help organize your makeup, create these adorable and chic storage trays to keep yourself organized. The trays look chic thanks to the gold spray paint used by the author, and we recommend using the same shade.

Terrariums are popular for decor, they can be made for any season and vacation, living and non-living. We've already shared some Christmas terrariums, but these were just ornaments, and today I want to continue the theme with these Christmas terrariums - with cloches, bowls, jars and so on.

This amazing terrarium consists of a geometric terrarium filled with pink glitter and a little winter scene. Here you can see Christmas trees and deer, but you can choose any character you like. Such a decoration can become a cool centerpiece, a mantelpiece decoration, a shelf decoration or a window sill piece depending on the size of the terrarium you take.

This isn't just a holiday terrarium, it's wintry, and you can add some holiday joy to it yourself. The piece consists of a bowl, moss and some pine cones - looks very rustic and cute. How do you add holiday joy? Spray paint to add gold, fake snow, and tiny ornaments to the pine cones, and voila!

Do you have a big bell on hand? Make this cute, vintage-style terrarium out of a cake stand and bell, fake snow, and some small Christmas trees of your choice. The piece looks extremely cool, and you can add other details too if you think it's a bit blank.

Buy some mini terrariums and fill them with fake snow, glitter, ornaments, Christmas trees, and the like. Skirt colors you like and add as many pieces as you like - get creative and invite your kids to make these cool decorations too!

Such a non-living Christmas terrarium can be made with a large glass, fake snow, several colorful Christmas trees, and some funny characters. Create different looks with more characters, small gifts in boxes and sweets - your kids will love it!

This winter scene was made as a small terrarium, the piece is big because it houses a toy truck with a Christmas tree. Add fake snow, some lights of your choice, or maybe a lightbulb and voila - a beautiful winter decoration is ready.

Wine glasses made of plastic and colored cardboard can become a cool vintage-style terrarium. Glue some figures and the like onto the cardboard and cover the whole scene with a plastic wine glass. You can also add some thread to hang the terrarium, or just leave it as it is.

Get some simple lidded jars and turn them into cool and sweet winter terrariums. Fill them with salt and various winter and holiday-like figures and voila! You can also add moss, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and the like to keep the terrarium smelling in winter.

Take a large jar and make a beautiful terrarium with a toy truck or truck ornament, add fake snow and something else that fits - or leave it as it is. The size and filling of each glass is up to you. Customize it to your liking.

A large pharmacy can be a nice base for an eye-catching and very simple Christmas terrarium. Since the piece is very large, you have to fill it with a lot of artificial snow and only then put something on it - the bottom of the glass is very narrow and you cannot display anything there. The terrarium is made with Christmas decorations and a tree, or you can put something else there that you like. Add lights and shine brightly!

Snow globes are traditional for Christmas and making a snow globe Christmas terrarium is a brilliant idea. These lighted terrariums contain different Christmas scenes that you can vary as you wish. Read the entire tutorial for more details.

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