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diy pouches bags of clear vinyl

diy pouches bags of clear vinyl

What is special about clear or at least pure vinyl? It looks modern and bold, and it allows you to see immediately what is in it, which is sometimes very convenient: when traveling, on the beach and in many other cases. We have put together some craft projects to make cool vinyl pouches and pouches for a variety of uses. Take a look!

If you’re planning a few quick getaways in summer, you’ll need this DIY travel bag with a round leaf pattern to store your accessories. This cute toiletry bag can be used for all kinds of accessories and even money. I love the lead print on the pouch which makes it very summery. You can switch to a different print if you want.

This clear pencil pouch project is easy and inexpensive – it’s an amazing piece for anything you want, and it’s a great gift too. Each clear pencil pouch can have names or content-related words such as “marker”, “crochet” or “writer” on the front. Let yourself be inspired and create your own piece!

School is about to start and I really love going back to school as it speaks to my eternal love for all stationery. Here is a DIY abstract face desk accessory mug. The author of this piece was inspired by all of the Matisse-inspired artwork and DIYs that popped up on Pinterest. Get inspiration to make one too, and then all that’s left to do is put it on your desk and charge it up with pretty pens and pens!

School is starting soon and here is an ore DIY dedicated to it. It’s easy to make a bespoke backpack using Cricut and permanent vinyl. This indicates an important message that reminds children to be kind to one another. I am sure that your child will love this backpack and will happily take it to school.

Transparent makeup pouches are very convenient because you can always see what’s inside and find what you need quickly. This design is so incredibly simple. It only has 3 sewing lines (two for the zipper and one on the edges) but it’s a design that is really easy to customize and fun to play with. You can make this pouch in any size you want, depending on your requirements. Make or downsize a folder for that special student in your life and use an everyday makeup bag.

Nothing like a shiny new pencil pouch to get you started school! This little pouch has clear vinyl so it’s super easy to find things! In this post, I’ll show you how to make a DIY pencil case with vinyl at the bottom. The vinyl is clear and super easy to sew. It also makes the pencil pouch a great showcase for all of your sweet supplies! These pencil cases are big enough to hold a pencil and they will hold several pencils and pens. The zipper at the top of the pencil pouch is quite tough, so the pouch should last all school year!

This waterproof DIY zippered bag is inspired by summer, bright colors and splashes! Made of clear vinyl and colorful metallic confetti, this confetti bag can be customized just for you! Your confetti-filled clutch can be used as a makeup bag or clutch. You can even increase the dimensions to create a large version for your wet swimsuit after swimming. This is a great, bright design that is inspired by summer itself. Have fun!

Ceilings may not be the first thing you notice upon entering, but they really create an ambience and can make your space appear smaller or larger than it is. A room with a low ceiling usually feels uncomfortable. So if you don't have highs, why not create such an illusion?

Use shiny paint on the ceilings

It will reflect the light and the ceilings will appear higher. However, remember that the ceiling surface should be ideal.

Use glass walls or floor-to-ceiling windows

Glass, like shiny paint, has the property of reflecting things. Therefore a glass wall or a large window increases the feeling of space and provides natural daylight.

Paint the ceiling lighter as the walls

Lighter ceilings create an imposing effect and create the illusion of a large and bright room. A dark floor is also sufficient!

Hang your curtains close to the ceiling

Even if the windows are small, floor-to-ceiling curtains reveal great features of the room that you were not familiar with.

Avoid using pendant lights

Pendant lights are specially designed for high ceilings, mainly because they make the ceiling appear closer to the floor. If you have low ceilings, we recommend using in-wall lighting, although they may not be as alluring.

Decorate your walls with vertical strips

Vertical stripes visually enlarge any room, that's the effect they create. Look out for stylish striped wallpaper and enjoy the effect you get!

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