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diy portable drink cooler decor

diy portable drink cooler decor

Summer is in full swing and cold drinks are lifesavers, but how can you have cold drinks on hand at all times? Stay next to the fridge or take some drinks with you in a fridge! There are tons of the usual patio or portable drink coolers, you can tinker some yourself or spruce up something you like for this summer. I’ve prepared a pack of amazing beverage cooler projects to spice up an ordinary piece and make it colorful and fun. Let’s take a look!

This metal pink beverage cooler is decorated with magnetic paint and some small and funny magnets. The tutorial shows you how to make your own letter magnets, magnets from patches and a fun game idea for the front of your beach cooler. You will have a lot of fun with it and your little cooler will look super fun!

Summer is nothing without delicious sorbets and ice cream! This cooler hack allows you to take your frozen goodies with you on the go while also organizing all of the pints, toppings and utensils. Everything you need is in there, don’t worry, and its colorful polka dot look is so cute! Read on to find out how to make the perfect ice cooler yourself.

Pineapples are very tropical and summery, they are sure to bring summer joy to every picnic or beach. This cute drink cooler is a great piece for the summer. It is painted yellow (if necessary) and has pineapple-style leaves. The craft is pretty simple and the end result is super fun and bright, I love items like this for summer and what about you?

Make a normal and plain cooler for a bright summer more interesting and colorful! This cooler is spiced up with just a bit of contact paper – those colorful triangles are nice and bold. The craft can be realized in just a few minutes and does not require any special skills. You will love the result!

If you already have a portable cooler on hand, a little decor can be a very quick and easy way to make it amazing – buy some decals or even make your own. This simple tutorial will show you how to make some decals for your beverage cooler. You can use the examples given in the source or create your own, get inspired and get creative!

This simple DIY is all about spicing up a beverage cooler quickly and coolly without investing a lot of time or money. All you need is a simple drink cooler and some holographic paper in the color you like – just clip it to the cooler and you have a fresh and bold piece to keep your drinks cold and tasty.

Watermelons are very summery, it is perhaps one of the most summery fruits. Beautify your drink cooler and turn it into a small piece of watermelon! This cute beverage cooler was made with paints and spray paints and the end result is so summery! It’s bright and pastel colors, so cute, make one for your picnic!

Make a regular little portable drink cooler bright and colorful with just paints and spray paints! This piece is in yellow and pink and decorated with small colorful confetti – it looks like a real party piece. Anyone without special skills can realize this project, make your summer bright and cool with it!

Make your usual red drink cooler brighter and more interesting with some vinyl stickers. The idea is pretty simple: cut out some vinyl decals and attach them to your beverage cooler, and voila! Choose all the designs you like and make your summer cooler. Enjoy!

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