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diy polymer clay jewelry holder hooks

diy polymer clay jewelry holder hooks

Do you need a simple and practical idea to store your jewelry? Here it is! It’s a cool jewelry hook that you can use to hang necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings. Take a large piece of clay in the base color you want. Roll it up and mix a color or two if you’d like. When you have achieved the colors, lengths, and thicknesses you want, stick a skewer through the piece. If the shape is a little spoiled, you can roll it again. Now make several black pieces, a little thinner and shorter – they will become your hooks. Now bend the top part of the ‘hooks’ onto the base. Continue reading the tutorial in the source.

The country house style is very popular - it is a new and softer variant of the rustic decor, a little more exquisite and elegant. It's still very cozy and very welcoming and maybe a little more formal than the usual rustic decor. If you plan to design your home in this style, start in the heart - from the bedroom!

Color schemes and textures

The farmhouse style is characterized by neutral, white, and off-white colors. You can also add some pale pastel colors for a sweet touch or some black for a drama. Add Buffalo Check to make the space more catchy and work with textures to avoid boring looks. Wood, wicker, different types of fabrics, fur, metal, and even leather will make your space more interesting and eye-catching. You can incorporate these textures into your bedroom decor in a number of ways: with upholstered furniture, vintage or modern wooden items, fur rugs and blankets, baskets for storage, and spherical metal chandeliers.

Furniture and decor

Decide whether you want a modern or a vintage country-style bedroom and your furniture and decor choices will depend on it. If it's a vintage space, give preference to vintage-style shabby chic furniture. If it's a modern room, you can boldly go for modern furniture that you like and that fits. If you want to give the space the feel of a Spanish or Provencal farmhouse, think of forged beds and whitewashed furniture. Finish it all off with appropriate decor like artwork, signs, gallery walls, potted greens, wreaths and voila - your bedroom is super inviting!

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