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diy pink decorations

diy pink decorations

Do you remember when we told you about pink furniture that is great for decorating a girlish room? Today I want to continue on the feminine decor theme and offer you some pink decorating tutorials to help you brighten up the room, especially if you are not ready for pink furniture. Little pink accents are exactly what you need in such a case. They don’t look too much, but enchant your room and create a girlish ambience.

The first tutorial is about a fantastic piece of funfetti cake that is great for both little girls and grown-up girls. Sew the piece of cake as directed, then fill it with the filling of your choice. I assure you there won’t be a happier piece in your room and who doesn’t love cake?

The next piece is very easy to make, it’s a pink breadboard that is great for a girly home office. Punchboards are number one thing for storing on the wall and pinning various photos and pictures. Just paint your breadboard any pink you like, then hang it on the wall.

This work of art consists of an old canvas in spray technique and different pink colors. Quick and easy to create artwork can be created by anyone, even if you’re not that good at painting. Here are some words that you can use or change for something that matters to you.

Ombre is very popular with decorations of all kinds, and this pink ombre planter will be a subtle and delicate touch in your room. Just take a tin can and a few paints and do it!

Sparkling pink vases that look like pink frosting are amazing for any girl and don’t take much time to make. You will need vases, confetti glitter, and glue, see the source for more detailed instructions.

Another vase tutorial here! Take mason jars and pour some pink paint into them, then add some water and cover the jar in them so that it is a simple pink color. Let dry and decorate with lace or other details of your choice.

Do you love sewing? Make this pink flamingo pillow, it’s a cute touch to any girlish room! The craft doesn’t require a lot of skill, you just have to draw a flamingo well or take an existing picture from the tutorial, then just take the right pink threads and do the seams as the picture is not big, it won me not need much time .

Summer is the time of fruits and berries. Let’s make a bold pink passion fruit pot! The tutorial isn’t difficult at all. You will need a pot, some paints and markers, then just follow the painting instructions on the blog.

A gallery wall is a perfect idea for covering a simple wall, but we don’t just want to cover, we want a girl to take it over! So print out your pictures, buy or make the same frames and use pink paper as the background for your pictures. You can use different shades of color to create an ombre effect.

Faux sheepskin rugs are very glamorous and you can make them even more enchanting by dyeing them pink. The source has a detailed tutorial on how to do this without spoiling IKEA’s artificial sheepskin rug.

The last eye candy for today is a bold pink animal cookie pillow. This eye-catching pink piece is sewn from felt and decorated with small pom-poms that look like confetti. It will amaze both adult and little girls, I assure you!

Autumn is officially here and it is high time to tinker something for the season. Hurry to a dollar store and buy some fall decorations. Here are some crafts that use dollar store items - amazing fall decorations for a few dollars!

Turn simple dollar fake flowers into a chic fall urn of blooms to decorate your entrance or porch. It's a floral topiary in a vintage urn, and you can put it in a basket or bucket too if you'd like. The tutorial is very simple - read it and keep going!

Pumpkins are traditionally for autumn, without them there is no autumn home. Artisans are creating more and more ways to decorate pumpkins and make them from different materials, but I've never seen sisal pumpkins. These cool cuties give the room a cozy, rustic touch.

This DIY makes fall home decor easy and an addition to your current home accessories for the season. It's not just easy - this is a cheap and quick do-it-yourselfer that can get a polystyrene hollow gourd to the chic fall vase in an hour. This DIY can easily be customized to suit your decor and style - or create a Halloween version with gray paint, silver details, and dark flowers!

The use of chalk paint can completely turn cheap dollar faux pumpkins into pretty pumpkins to display all fall! The golden stems give these painted pumpkins a special touch. Also, cover up any colors you got on the stems.

Buy some hurricanes from a dollar store and dress them up for fall. If the knit on your sweater is loose and you fear it will fall to pieces, sew a piece of ribbon around your sleeve just below where you will be cutting it. Then cut away the excess. It doesn't matter if you sew it on the inside or outside of the sleeve when you fold it over.

It only took a few minutes to make this star-studded pumpkin! You can customize it however you want, and as an added bonus, it was practically free. The foam squash is left over from last year. The spray paint was left over from this project. And the brads were free to swap!

Falling leaves are another symbol of fall, and this cool falling leaves frame is an amazing piece for fall decor. The trick is to find a small, thick frame that will stand on its own with no back. If you can't find any leaf-shaped trinkets, you can repeat this process with really anything small and light that sticks to the surface of the frame.

Here is a simple fall doily napkin ring that is perfect for any fall party. Buy doilies from a dollar store or buy silk sheets from a craft store. Use a gold metallic marker and write each guest name on the sheet - they would double as a place card!

If you're hosting events in the months ahead, these fall crafts are the perfect fall decorations for a table or even to hang around your door. This is a very simple fall leaf garland made from leaves bought from a dollar store. Have fun!

It couldn't be easier than with this framed pumpkin! Such a fun fall decoration that only takes a few minutes to make! Tall pumpkins, short round pumpkins, orange pumpkins, white pumpkins, even square pumpkins - all can be framed for a cool fall look.

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