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diy pinecone crafts christmas

diy pinecone crafts christmas

We’re starting to share Christmas ideas earlier this year, but I bet you’re looking forward to this holiday as much as we do! Also, I know that some of you will start decorating for Christmas as early as early December, so this round-up will certainly be useful. Today I want to share some decorating ideas for Christmas and winter, and the main element in them will be a pine cone. I totally like pine cones because nothing else is so natural, affordable and durable. Pine cones can become a main hero in many crafts. If you want to learn more, read on.

The first craft is a simple pine cone garland, for which all you need is string, pine cones and colorful felt balls or pompoms. The idea is to glue them into the pine cones and hang the pine cones on the string.

This chic door wreath consists of gold-plated pine cones and gold-plated dollar ornaments. The first thing you need to do is spray the pine cones and ornaments if necessary. Then just make a wreath and read the tutorial on how to make it.

Don’t know how to make cool Christmas gift wrapping? Here’s an idea! You need to make a tiny wreath of mini pine cones in the color you want, attach bottle brushes as trees, and then glue the piece onto the gift.

Make pretty winter lights that appear to be covered in freshly fallen snow with snow texture paint! Oh so beautiful and perfect for the holidays, they are very easy to make. They will look great when lit up on your holiday table, on your mantle, or even on your way to your door.

A Christmas pine cone arch can be a perfect decoration for your tree, door or any other place. The whole tutorial just makes a large ribbon bow and then attaches pine cones. Voila!

The pine cones provide a hefty dose of natural texture and serve as a backdrop for the bright, animated pompoms. Plus, both are very budget friendly. Such a wreath will work all winter, it’s Christmassy, ​​but not too much.

Turn a penguin into a cute tree ornament! These adorable arctic creatures will add a cute cheer to your Christmas tree this year and only need a few basic supplies, including pine cones.

The next craft is dedicated to glittering pine cones. All you have to do is cover them with sequins or glitter of different colors and let them dry. Then just put them in a bowl and voila!

Painting pine cones is a very calming activity. A faster way to decorate pine cones is to dip the whole thing in paint and let it dry. The result is super cute, but we were just looking for a touch of metallic while still having an earthy feel. After you’ve painted them, you can make a cool winter garland.

Love glitter? Make cool glitter pine cones to display in winter and for Christmas. The tutorial shows you how to do that.

These festive fire starters have a double duty because the wax is scented with cinnamon essential oil. They look beautiful as a centerpiece and smell amazing when used to make a cozy fire in the fireplace.

I love these ornaments! These are the most natural and cutest ornaments ever as they are made of pine cones and red and green velvet ribbon and they look adorable!

Here is another cool garland made from pine cones. You will need artificial pine cones, white felt balls, and string. Put them on a piece of string and voila!

The outdoor decor makes it possible to turn your rooms and porches into spooky ones and scare guests and children before entering the house. What are the ideas to decorate these rooms in the best and scariest way possible?


You can buy some skeletons and decorate your nature in a stylish and cool way. You can put one on a chair or bench on your porch and put a cauldron of candy for trick or treating on your hands, or you can place two skeletons that will make a grave in the yard. Another idea is to put several pieces of a skeleton in a cart or in the ground to remind you of scary movies. Attach skeletons to the wall outside of your home so they can climb.


Ghosts are another very popular idea for Halloween decor. Make chicken wire ghosts and cover with cheesecloth, add foam heads. Put them anywhere you want: on swings, on your porch, in your yard, etc. and note that they look really creepy at night in the dark.

Other ideas

Coffins, zombies, vampires, corpses and body parts, ravens and spiders - mix them up to your liking. Create coffins and tombstones in your yard, put witches and skeletons next to them, cover foam to mimic corpses, buy body parts and put them in creepy pumpkins like they are eating them. Scarecrows and fake zombie figures will scare everyone.

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