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diy pillows for fall

diy pillows for fall

Pillows are cute and small accessories that are popular for changing the look of the room and adding coziness to the room. You can make new pillows and pillowcases any time of the year and for any vacation to give your room a little renovation, since such handicrafts are not difficult. Today we’re making some fall-inspired pillows, get inspired, and start tinkering!

Do you think you can’t quilt? Think again! Try sewing this lightly quilted quilted pillow – any fabric will do, but cozy plaid flannel for fall is always a good idea. Checkered fabrics are especially popular this year, so rocking any checkered fabric is a trendy idea. Use a variety of plaid fabrics to create a pillow menu. Let yourself be inspired!

It’s a cozy season! Make yourself comfortable with pillows, blankets and sweaters. This DIY pillow “Let’s Get Cozy” is the perfect addition to your warm and cozy autumn decor. You can download a free PDF and use it with printable heat transfer paper. The words are transferred onto a simple white linen pillowcase. When you don’t have it on hand, just sew it quickly and easily.

Make your way to some of the prettiest metal fall pillows that look better than anything you can buy in the store. Any shape or graphic possible for these decorative accent pillows and absolutely no expensive cutting machines required. You will just use a simple pillowcase and some metal foil colors of your choice, there are many shades and the image is durable. Get inspired!

Pillows are an easy way to transform your living space with the change of the seasons. You need this tutorial to create one. This project is a great craft for those looking to try quilting. You will use some basic quilting methods without the daunting obligation of filling in a large blanket. This pillow is very easy to make and is sure to give your room an autumn feel.

Paint your own pillow to be inspired by fall! Take a simple pillowcase and download some of the stencils given in the tutorial. Here the author is going to tell you how to paint a bright pink pumpkin on your pillow – such a bold and unusual idea to give it a try! Pumpkins are often seen here and there, but you won’t see them in pink, and here you will! Such a glamorous idea!

This tutorial will teach you how to stencil some words or letters on a simple pillow case. You can create any saying, phrase, or quote that expresses itself best. The result is a casual décor that fits into any modern room. Vary the colors of the letters and the pillowcase to suit your own space.

These Color Block Candy Corn Pillowcases are an easy sewing project that is great for a beginner too. The candy corn colors orange, white and yellow are perfect for presentations in autumn and also after the Halloween celebrations. Color block designs have certainly grown in popularity lately, and for good reason: Projects like this one are colorful and a great way to showcase some of your favorite fabrics.

This project isn’t about sewing, it’s about embroidery. Embroider autumn lavas with some contrasting thread – rust, emerald, yellow, red, or anything else. The project is not difficult at all, there is a template of a sheet in the tutorial, just download it and embroider!

Bring a touch of autumn into your home with an applied autumn leaf pillow. This is an afternoon sewing project that was simply created with scraps of fabric and a few basic supplies, and can be tailored to any color scheme. Download a PDF template and make these colorful pillows, add color to your space and enjoy!

This project is just right for those looking to create shabby chic and rustic pillows. These are simple, cream-colored pillows painted with muted colors. Make pumpkins and leaves with black paint on the pillow to give it a subtle look, then fill in the pictures with muted colors or keep them black and white with no shadows.

Here is another broadcast project. This is a plain and simple pillow that has been tagged with some quotes, phrases, or other words that have been transferred to the pillowcase with an iron. Use the printable template from the tutorial and some transfer paper to make it real. Get inspired!

Bring the beauty of fall leaves indoors by sewing a vibrant fall leaf pillow. This is a project that will make a big statement in your home decor, but because it uses a pre-made, easy-to-find felt sheet cutout, it can be made in just a few minutes! Let me show you how to do it.

The last project for today is an autumn pillow with a cool poem – so great you can only do it with transfer paper. Download the template from the tutorial and transfer it to the pillow with transfer paper. Make your space more romantic with a poem.

We continue to discuss shabby chic rooms full of charm and beauty, and today we're taking a look at shabby chic entrances and corridors. Decorating a shabby chic entrance or hallway is actually the same as any other room, but you may need a few tricks as this room is usually tiny but should be functional and stylish at the same time.

Colors and patterns for a shabby chic hallway or entrance

White, cream, buttermilk, all kinds of neutrals and pastel colors are welcome here! If it's a tiny hallway, avoid bold touches and go for whitewashing. You can try stenciling walls, choosing floral textiles or wallpaper, adding rustic accents with pieces of warm wood, burlap or cord. Rustic and shabby chic styles mix very well and look great.

Furniture for a shabby chic hallway or entrance

Since this space is often small, you should be laconic and choose practical, yet stylish furniture. You may need a console, storage bench, a couple of shelves or racks. Look out for the large, vintage-framed mirrors, they can look the whole thing up. Find these pieces at the flea market or in your grandmother's house and renovate them to match your interior. White, age or paint them pastel colors, distressing is another cool idea that is characteristic of the shabby chic style. Such an approach will save your budget because DIY is inexpensive and you will decorate your entrance area inexpensively.

Accessories and decorations for a shabby chic hallway or entrance area

An entrance is often the first room a guest sees in your home, so it should make an impression. Choose the right accessories, even if there isn't a lot of space, you can always find something cool. The accessories here can add some details of other styles, for example rustic style - choose baskets, jugs instead of vases, antlers and other things. If you want something a little more sophisticated, try French chic and go for a crystal chandelier, some floral and lace textiles, and chic vintage lamps.

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