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Diy Pet Rocks Owls Sharpie Art – DIYs.com
sharpie diys

Diy Pet Rocks Owls Sharpie Art – DIYs.com sharpie diys

Diy pet rocks owls felt pen art sharpie diys

A felt pen or pen is a common thing that can be used to make unusual items! We already told you to decorate dishes with snipers so that it could blow your mind, and today I want to introduce you to some more handicrafts that can be recreated with snipers. I am sure you will love most of them!

An ordinary and boring simple alarm lock like Vackis from IKEA can be turned into a cool, bold piece with colorful snipers! Create your own patterns or use the ones included in the tutorial.

Stained glass with snipers? Yes, please! Take some candle holders in glass and black paint and snipers and use them to create your real masterpieces!

If you need a pen holder, this is the easiest, fastest, and cutest tutorial ever. White plastic cups can get any pattern with snipers you like - black or colored.

Finding the perfect rug for your space can be a pretty daunting task. They're either a little removed from what you want or a little too trendy to spend a lot of money on. This surprisingly easy DIY costs around $ 20, and you can customize it however you want.

Beautify your furniture with adorable malachite buttons! You can make them from the usual ones using felt-tip pens of a suitable color.

An ordinary mason jar or glass canister can be made into a tribal-printed one with black snipers. Follow the directions to find out how to make a piece like this!

Having a canvas means you can always make an easily customizable phone case! Read this tutorial to find out how to make one.

The last one for today is a carpet decorated with felt-tip pens. It looks too ordinary and bland with no decor, but you can easily structure it with a marker pen!

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