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diy pencil cases for kids

diy pencil cases for kids

A pencil case, box, or pouch is a necessary thing for every student as they all need to carry pens and pencils, colored pencils, rulers, erasers, and all that stuff. With school almost starting, I want to share some cool tutorials on making pencil and pencil cases for kids to start this year with joy, fun and inspire their learning.

The first is an alligator pencil case made from a wooden box, beads, and some bold craft paint. The tutorial is simple: paint the case to look like an alligator, then turn beads with colors into eyes and glue them on the case.

The second craft is for kids who love Peppa Pig. The case is made of felt and cardboard to make it stiffer. Take some poster colors and give them a neat outline. Paint the facial features on Peppa’s face and give his shoes some nice colors.

These fun glittery graphic pencil cases are fantastic for girls who love bright colors. You will need stencils and lots of glitter to make them, and you can change these patterns up if you don’t like them and make your own according to the stencils you have.

The next is a pencil pouch that is inspired by a card. You will need some sewing skills to sew the piece and then add a hot air balloon applique. Sew some words or phrases that you like for your child.

Love cats Then it’s time to make a fun cat pencil case for your child! This cat was sewn from felt, and beads act as eyes, and faux leather was used for whiskers.

If you are good at crocheting, the next idea is for you. Crochet a pencil case that looks like a real oversized pencil, it’s so cool! Just do it in the right colors to make the piece resemble a pencil and add a large button on the side to open and close it.

This pencil case is loved by all boys as it is a robot. You need to make a zippered faux leather pouch, add buttons for the decor, and then add the ears of another colored leather, as well as an antenna of the same color. If you don’t like faux leather, swap it out for felt, but leather is more durable.

This is a simple pouch that anyone can make. You’re just sewing a simple fabric zip-up pouch, but to make it more child-like, choose a boldly patterned fabric that your child may like.

This amazing zippered pencil case is my favorite case as it is the most original. How can you sew one? The secret is that it is a wide ribbon that you attach a zipper to along the entire length. The case can be completely unpacked or closed until the end.

Another kitty fan case is made of felt with a cute cat application. The cat applique is made by the author, but you can buy a finished one if you don’t like it.

Here is a craft for boys, it is a shark pen case. The shark is sewn from dark denim and some parts are made from black leather, the zipper is put in the mouth.

If you love to sew and embroider, you will love this pouch. It is made of fabric and is transformed into a notebook by embroidery with a pencil. You need to stitch the lines and then add a pencil applique. There is also a vinyl window on the side.

No sewing or sewing for these cases! Plastic pen boxes, alphabet stickers and markers only. Let your children color the letters and attach them to the boxes as they wish.

The final craft for today is a minion pencil case and sewing project. Grab your brightly colored felt and jeans to create a servant and start making the pouch according to the instructions.

Halloween is only a month away and it's high time to think about organizing a fantastic party. Whichever theme you choose, there are two key things that should be present at the party: decor and food. There is no party without delicious treats and cool drinks, and you should choose and cook with the guests in mind and whether it is a kid's or an adult's party. Today I'm going to inspire you with amazing food ideas for both kids at parties - most of them can be found on Pinterest with recipes, and some of them can be easily made without a recipe.

Halloween adult party food

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Halloween kids party food

Halloween children's parties should be treated with more attention, as children should be eating healthy, organic food and it shouldn't be scary at the same time. You can make some spider cupcakes, ghost cookies, monster truffles, fiendish eggs, and so on. To make your food healthy without even thinking about it, you can make some cool vegetable trays and displays that are reminiscent of zombies or ghosts and put different types of dip around. Turn fruits into scary or fun fruits by adding chocolate eyes and other details - that way your kids will be delighted to eat them! You can find more ideas in our inspiring gallery!

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