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diy passport covers

diy passport covers

Since it’s summer and everyone is planning a vacation, it’s high time to find out if everything is okay. Your suitcases, bags and of course documents – you will need some holders or pouches to keep the passports safe. Make some passport holders to prevent your documents from smudging and splattering or other dirt, or even make document pockets to keep the papers in order – all in one place which is very convenient. Let’s take a look at these DIYs and choose what you like.

Passport holder

I love these glamorous leather passport sleeves with gold calligraphy letters. The contrast between brown leather and gold letters is very cool and the covers look very elegant. Such holders are suitable for many people, and you can give them gifts by putting any letter on them.

Do you miss the sea or do you go on vacation by the sea? Check out this light blue color of this passport cover, it is very peaceful and chic and reminds of the sea! Above all else, such a leather case will protect your documents and remind you of the beach or coast that you are going or have been to. The whole craft is very easy and quick, it won’t take much time.

These awesome colorful modern passport holders are awesome for everyone, both girls and men! They can be made from any color leather and I like the modern letters and emojis that are placed on them. Use a contrast thread to make the covers stand out better. Enjoy!

This passport holder looks amazing because of the special structure and colored leather used for it. The whole idea is very simple and you don’t need any additional decor as the leather itself is very chic and bold. A perfect idea for a guy or man, make one to please the one you love.

Are you a glamorous girl Or just love metallics? Then this passport cover is just right for you: it is a holder made of golden leather with a colorfully printed fabric cover, perfect for a girl. The craft won’t take much time, and the holder looks very cute and chic, most girls will love such a gift.

Animal prints are all the rage and if you want to follow the trend make a leopard print passport holder. This one is not made of leather like all the previous pieces but is made of vinyl, which means that no sewing is required, just glued! Actually, you can choose any vinyl you like for a cool look.

This passport holder is my favorite: it is made of brown leather, is stamped and decorated with white polka dots, which makes it super cute and very girlish. The polka dots are made with the usual white color, they are placed chaotically to create that cute uneven look. Get inspired!

Here is another metallic passport cover made of leather or synthetic leather in gray silver (maybe pearl silver). The craft is easy and quick, and the result looks very stylish – it goes with many styles, and also with many wallets. Make one for yourself or your girls to go on vacation.

Make a stylish leather passport holder with wax thread that is suitable for any man or man. In fact, the end result will depend on the leather you choose – if it’s pink, it can be beautiful for girls too! Read how to make a high quality leather passport holder.

This is a stylish fabric passport holder with a hair tie that you can use to insert additional documents. Take any fabric or find something similar from the tutorial and enjoy!

What can be more inspiring to travel than a card-printed passport holder? This case is made of such a fabric and looks totally cool! You can also make your own card-printed bags and bags for on the go, read the tutorial, and create your own travel kit.

Document pockets

A pouch can be more convenient than an ordinary holder or suitcase as it allows you to put all your documents and even something else there. What I totally like about this bag is the bold fabric with travel-themed prints that really inspire you to go somewhere. Read how to sew the bag and enjoy the result – it can also be used for accessories or makeup.

This large and comfortable pouch offers space for all documents, your cards and much more – it is very easy to use! It’s made of leather and checked fabric for a stylish, masculine look, and there is a pocket on a zipper to hold your credit cards, for example. Read How To Make One And Enjoy.

This document bag is very elegant and very masculine and at the same time refined. I totally love the pattern on the top of the cover – it looks very artistic and unique. There is a whole video tutorial to help you create this holder – take some time to create one. Every man will be amazed and delighted by this amazing passport holder.

String art is very popular and you can see more and more tutorials with hearts like this here and there. Today I offer a number of prank tricks that are suitable for Valentine's Day to come. Yes, most of them are hearts and I promise you will love them!

What can be more natural for Valentine's Day than XOXO letters? Make a cool string work of art with these letters! There are two large letters made of pink and red thread, although you can change the colors to suit your space. Looks cute and cute, great for valentine's day decoration.

This cute heart string art is special because there are 3 hearts! You can create an interesting ombre combination or go for very bold colors - it's up to you. Read the tutorial and make the artwork out of baker's twine - so easy and cute!

More hearts for Valentine's Day! The artwork is in red and the heart is shaped with thread, but in a non-traditional way: threads are just around the heart and it is left uncovered. The nails are in gold to refine the combination, but you can go with your own colors.

What I love about this heart artwork is that it is glamorous and glitzy. The piece is made of glitter yarn, and you can add some extra rhinestones too. The combination of red and gold is timeless, and gold glitter stands out strongly against a red background. Have fun creating!

This cool string work of art is made on a mint colored wooden board and looks very bold and cool with a textured red heart! Read how to do it and use it to decorate the room for the vacation - so cute and fun! I especially like the idea of ​​a mint backdrop, it's so refreshing.

Get some metal thread to make a cool modern piece of art work with a big heart. Metallic hues are very popular for home decor, and using metallic thread for decoration is a great idea. A bold red background and metallic gold make for a bold conversation starter!

This cute and little string character is for those who have already found a loved one. It's a sign with monograms and a heart. You can customize it to your liking, use any colors and try different sizes. Present it to your lover as a gift or decorate the room for your special dinner just for two - it will surely delight him or her!

This is a cool and bold piece of art with a contrasting look - there is a bold red heart on a piece of neutral plywood that looks very bold and interesting. This is a classic piece of thread art, pretty big, and it speaks for itself, though you can add a few words of string to it.

Surprise your beloved with a non-traditional work of art! This character includes some calligraphy and string art stars and moon - looks unusual and very cool. You can rock it in whatever colors you like or keep it neutral like in the source.

Here's another super cool string artwork, this is a chalkboard with the iconic words "Be Mine" made with pink thread. Looks rather funky and cute, can be used as a decoration or a gift or both. Get inspired and make one for your love!

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