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diy paper vases snowdrops

diy paper vases snowdrops

Spring is not that far and the first spring blooms will appear soon. Why don’t you remind your kids to create pretty vases of snowdrops? These little vases are pretty easy to make, and you can invite your children to participate or even have them DIY.

The supplies you need

  • colored paper
  • scissors
  • colorful cord
  • a glue stick.

Instructions for making paper vases with snowdrops

Keep tinkering with the flowers: take green paper and cut off a strip. Fold it several times, then cut it into a triangle with curved sides. Glue these triangles onto the flowers – two pieces for each flower. Now glue these flowers onto the vase, on both rows, to achieve a desired look. Cut out a curvy piece of white paper to make snow and glue it along the entire vase. Secure your snowdrop vase with a cute bow made of colored yarn and voila, done!

Video shows how to make paper spiders

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Wooden walls and floors

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Wooden furniture

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Wooden accessories

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