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diy paper plate crafts

diy paper plate crafts

Paper plates are a great source of materials for various types of crafts, and you can make so many things out of them that you can’t even imagine. Let’s take a look at them and maybe you want to realize some.

DIY paper plate crafts for kids

Paper plates are great for making animals of all kinds – they serve as backgrounds. Make some Angry Birds for your kids to keep them happy! Paint each paper plate with acrylic paint and paint sponges and let it dry. Next, give each character a pair of big googly eyes. Cut (3) 1-inch sections of the black electrical tape. Then carefully cut in half long ways (hot dog style, as the kids call it) and give each character a pair of thick black eyebrows. Cut a large oval from the green foam for the pig’s snout and secure it with the glue stick. Using the black sharpie marker, draw 2 oval nostrils on the pig’s snout. Cut 2 smaller ovals for the pig ears. Cut the bottom straight and add a piece of black tape to the green foam or fill it with a marker pen. Attach both ears to your pig with a glue stick. Cut 2 beaks from the orange craft foam and attach them to your red and yellow birds. Lastly, give each bird a coordinating feather.

You can find more cool children’s crafts made from paper plates here.

DIY paper plate crafts for everyone

A paper plate can become a cool clock! Can’t you believe it The tutorial is pretty simple: find the exact center of the plate, measure if necessary. Make a hole in the center with a metal skewer or nail. Pass the shaft of the clockwork through the hole and attach the hands. You may need to attach the clock mechanism to the back of the plate with hot glue or double-sided tape.

You can also make flowers, wall art, and many other pieces out of common paper plates. Just read the tutorials below and choose.

Flocked Christmas trees are very popular because they remind us of snow, and it's especially cool when you don't have one outside. But a white Christmas tree is even cooler: it mimics a frosty Christmas tree and is easier to style. Would you like to know how to decorate such a tree? Here are the most nervous ideas.

Neutral decor

A pre-lit white Christmas tree is quite bold itself and you can leave it as it is with no decor, it will stand out. If you want a soft, neutral look or a shabby chic charm, you can opt for shiny silver, mother-of-pearl, and white ornaments and strands of pearls for garlands. For a soft, girlish look, we recommend blush, champagne and creamy ornaments. All white ornaments on a white tree look great too, and you get a frosty wintry look.

Bold ornaments

Your white Christmas tree will stand out a lot if you choose bold ornaments. Gold and copper ornaments look stunning and sophisticated on a white tree. Colorful decorations in pink, fuchsia, orange and blue create a bold, modern look. If you are decorating a children's tree, why not use ornaments of all sorts of colors? Enjoy the following ideas and decorate your own pure white tree!

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