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diy pallet christmas trees

diy pallet christmas trees

It’s time to recycle! And it means you don’t have to buy an expensive tree, just a pallet or two to make a cool tree like no other. Making a pallet tree is an amazing idea. This way you can save money while getting a unique tree.

The first tutorial is for those who don’t have a lot of time, so there is no need to work with wood. Just find a suitable palette and paint it with white paint. Then create a tree with lights and ornaments – you don’t have to cut it. Use some contrasting ornaments for the white palette.

This Christmas tree is made from pallet wood with a silhouette machine. It looks very neat and there is no decor other than using each part as a sign. So rock your favorite quotes on the tree.

This simple tree is made up of a palette and doesn’t take much time to be recreated. Sand the palette, then paint it with some paint you like, and once dry, paint a Christmas tree right on top of it with some contrasting paint. decorate it with lights if you want.

Do you need a rustic Christmas tree for outside? Make one of the pallets, sand it for a cute look, then hang lights or ornaments or both on the tree. You can paint it if you want.

This tutorial is not about a tree, but a tree-shaped character. The palette was painted red and then a quote was written on it in white paint. The idea is to paint the words that shape them as a tree.

A rustic Christmas tree can serve as a sign and doesn’t require more decor. This one is quite big and white paint and glitter were used to turn parts of trees into characters.

Don’t you wanna handle wood Take a palette, color it, and then paint a beautiful tree with white paint. Add various fun ornaments to decorate it.

This large pallet tree serves not only as a decoration but also as a warehouse as it has some ledges. Decorate it with garlands, ornaments and even candles and photos on moldings.

This tree is a wall tree, these are pallet parts that are attached to another pallet in the shape of a tree. You can paint each part however you like or leave it as is and add ornaments of various kinds.

These Christmas pallet trees are a quick and easy way to brighten up your porch for the holidays. Add lights or ornaments to make your tree more festive.

This rustic tree is very stylish and is reminiscent of a work of art. It takes some woodworking skills and your time, but it’s well worth it!

Make this simple pallet tree in white, then decorate it with red paint to add contrast. Such a tree is ideal for outside!

This tree is a wall art, suitable for outdoors and indoors. It’s made of pallets, painted green, and looks cute, rustic, and shabby. decorate it as you want!

If you want to adorn a tree with ornaments, lights, tinsel, and all that work, then why stop covering the bare base? A tree collar is like a collar for the bottom of your tree that covers the stand that you screw your evergreen into. It's a very chic, no-frills way of covering that chunky base. You get full base coverage and can make a decorative statement without feeling like you're trapped in the past of Christmas. Here are some fresh and trendy ideas!

Glam tree collars

A glamorous tree collar rounds off your tree perfectly with its sparkling appearance. You may find models with pearls, rhinestones, even pieces of mirrors or lights to highlight your tree. Glitter tree collars are also cool for adding sparkle to your tree.

Other tree collars

If glamorous decor isn't your thing, you can try baskets - but not common ones, go for snowman baskets! Try seagrass tree collars for a natural feel or go for wood which is a timeless idea. Galvanized metal collars are welcome too, but get creative - metal and wood or metal with laser cut snowflakes. Get inspired!

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