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diy outdoor storage benches

diy outdoor storage benches

It’s the middle of summer and we spend more and more time outdoors as the weather is cool. To make your stay outdoors more comfortable, you need functional and stylish furniture. Today I’d like to share some cool outdoor benches with you. This is a perfect piece of outdoor furniture that you can use for both sitting and storage. It is indispensable for small outdoor areas.

This cool and slightly dark stained wooden board bench from ana-white.com is pretty easy to build, you can vary its size and color. The plan is simple: find the size you want, measure and cut your boards, and attach them to each other and to your legs. Pick a color or stain and finish your work.

This storage box and bench is also easy to make and the layout is largely the same as the previous one. The artificial louvers look difficult, but tilting the slats is actually very easy. Use the cutting scheme and attach the boards together. Paint or spray it if you want or just color it.

This piece is great for any outdoor space, it can be used on a small balcony or on a large patio. This bank box is made of plywood sheets and protects the inside from the bad weather conditions. Therefore it is ideal as a pool bench – no water will damage your belongings!

The next bank is a large storage bank, made of plywood and left unfinished, just a little bit sealed. This is a cool and easy idea for those who need more storage space and seating. There is nothing difficult here. You don’t need any special skills.

This tiny outdoor storage bench is ideal for small spaces, especially balconies that you can easily place in the smallest of spaces. Build a simple wooden plank box or crate and then place a suitable pillow on top to make the seating more comfortable.

This X-leg bench is a cool rustic piece for any outdoor area. Make a regular X-leg bench, then leave some space under the top to place boxes for storage. Color the piece as you want or paint it.

This board made of boards and plywood is great for small outdoor spaces. Just put them in the corner. Paint it however you like and you can also add some pillows or a pillow seat for comfortable sitting.

If you really need a large piece for your yard to accommodate all of the guests, build this wood and wood corner bench with storage space inside. It will take time and effort, but it’s worth it!

This corner bench is a little smaller than the previous one, but it doesn’t look any less cool! You can build it with wooden boards, then color it as you like. Half of the seat can be opened for storage.

The final project for today is this corner storage bench which is made up of separate sections. Choose boards or panels that you like and cover the base you build with them – simple, cool and rustic.

Fresh green is a great idea for decorating various modern events and parties. It gives any decor a chic and natural yet very modern look and fits many styles and themes, from boho chic to ultra minimalism. Today I want to show you how to apply such an idea to a baby shower.


Make some green garlands and use them to decorate your tables to give them a fantastic fresh look. You can also incorporate some succulents in there. Top signs and various decorations with such garlands for a fantastic modern look.


Make some cool wreaths and use them to create different backdrops - for photography, for the table or a dessert table. You can also make any green letters you like and hang them across the table as wreaths - your guests will love it!

Other ideas

Bundles of fresh greens can decorate walls, chairs and tables, they will liven everything up! Large potted plants and balloons can make fantastic backdrops for pictures, and you can even add greenery to the balloon threads. Don't be afraid to rock succulents and cacti if it is a desert or a boho shower. These cuties are very trendy now.

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