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diy mug racks shelves

diy mug racks shelves

There’s no kitchen without lots of cups, and some of us even have tea and coffee stations. It’s easy to store cups in such a way that they don’t take up much space: all you need is a suitable cup stand or shelf, depending on how much space you have. Such shelves can be mounted on the wall or on one side of the cabinet, you can make different cup trees, holders and frames with additional storage space for cream, sugar and sweets – these are whole beverage stations! Do you want to do one? I have a whole range of cool DIY mug shelves and shelves for you, for every taste and space – choose your tutorial and go on!

Here’s a simple, yet cute, way to display your coffee mug obsession (if you have one) and give your cabinets a little extra space. Not only is it functional, but it also looks very cool – it’s painted in a very soft pastel shade and there are floral stencils, although you can change the stencil.

These DIY display shelves were custom built to showcase a whimsical collection of mugs. The simple shelves fit exactly into an existing niche. This is a permanent mug space for those of you who have a lot of mugs, and you can even turn it into a coffee station by using the lower shelves for coffee, tea, and candy.

This DIY pallet coffee cup holder comes with twisted old metal spoon hooks and is really wallet friendly! With Modge Podge, some printed pieces of paper or canvas were mounted on the wood to achieve beautiful effects and a charming appearance of the cup holders! Personalization of these coffee cup organizers can be done in a myriad of different ways, using color, printed paper, adjusting the hooks, writing some quotes about coffee, as well as marking some coffee-related icons!

This pretty home mug rack is very easy to make – the hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry. It’s a bit modernized with a symmetrical lattice style and a sleek black color, but you can go for any other color that will go perfectly with the rest of your kitchen decor!

An old wooden spool is a perfect base for making an entire beverage station – coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Even if you can’t find a small cable reel like this one, this would be a super easy project that can be assembled using 2 wooden rounds and a fat wooden spindle. The piece is very convenient to use and you will enjoy having a drink here!

Make a Reclaimed Wooden Heart Cup Holder! Such a cut and romantic idea to try! This heart is not difficult to make. Just a bit fiddly to cut the pieces just like that. But don’t worry … it’s absolutely doable if you have a decent jigsaw on hand. And then all you have to do is add a few hooks for your cups. Read in the source how you can implement the entire project.

A wooden thread rack can easily be turned into a very convenient cup rack. The piece was painted black and hung on a board, and then some mugs were hung. You can actually add any other decor – fresh greens, bows, hangings, and other items you like.

Pallets are an endless source of materials for various household crafts. This palette has been turned into a holder for all coffee mugs! That was actually a pretty simple project! The pallet shelf is stenciled, but you can use different colors and other decorations for a cooler look.

If you don’t have a lot of space, a hanging cup rack is the best idea. This one was made with metal rails and hooks and has space for many cups and metal boxes with cream, sugar, marshmallows, candy and other stuff. What a great idea to save space and accommodate all of your mugs.

This rustic mug display is ideal for a country kitchen. It consists of wooden boards that are stained in a strong color. You can also choose a different shade if you’d like. The rustic piece looks very elegant and chic, and the great thing about this display is that it is completely customizable! You can build it bigger or smaller depending on the space!

This cool cup rack is similar to the ones from the previous part but is painted white to give it a soft shabby chic feel. Besides, it’s bigger. Use any color and put all of your mugs on one display!

This cute coffee cup shelf is a nice piece for any rustic kitchen. This is a wooden shelf with a mug display and some space for cream and sugar – what an ideal option for creating a small coffee station! Of course, you can make it a lot bigger if your kitchen allows it.

A breadboard is one of the best things to organize and store. This tutorial will show you how to create a pegboard memory for cups – a colorful and pretty one. Then hang yourself on the wall and that way you’ll have room to hang the hooks in the mortises, insert hooks wherever you want, and hang your favorite mugs!

To remove cupboard fiddling from your morning routine, fix (and display) your favorite mugs at your coffee bar with a DIY mug rack. This modern cup tree is easy to assemble with dowels and a concrete base and brings warmth to your kitchen, breakfast nook or beverage station – all before your Java starts brewing.

This creative cup holder is perfect for small spaces and consists of just a few wooden and metal hooks. The wood is painted black, as are the hooks – but you can choose any color you like or leave the piece as it is for a rustic feel. Have fun with the tutorial, there is also a video to make it easier!

Make a coffee cup holder wall hanging! This wall hanging is super easy to make and requires only a few materials. The main material for this project is a wooden tray. Using a wooden tray may seem a bit unusual, but it is the perfect base to display and store all of your specialty coffee mugs.

Why not build a small cup tree / cup stand / cup stand to hang the cups so that they are always within reach? Easily make this cute cup holder out of scrap wood pieces and if you are planning on painting it you can easily mix woods and nobody will be the smarter.

This is a great way to display cups over a bar or coffee bar. It can be made by anyone, it’s a simple rack made from a wooden board and some hooks, but I like the way it’s personalized: it’s painted with a strip and looks cool. Read the source for how to do it.

I know what you are going to say: the last month of summer has come and we don't have much of it left, but let's enjoy it like it is never going to end! So today I'm sharing some cool summer-inspired DIYs - they'll help add to your favorite time of year. String art pieces have become a huge decor trend, and if you like them as much as I do, you'll love these amazing summer string art pieces and get inspiration to make one or more. This is a super cute and easy way to add a stylish piece of art to your home without breaking the bank. Forget about using string art with nails and a piece of wood, hammer and saw off your pretty little fingers! Let's take a look at what we need to inspire you.

What can be more summer than a beautiful cactus? Follow the instructions to create this cool cactus piece of art, and you can do it on a chalkboard to leave some messages under the cactus. The craft is not difficult and won't take much time.

Not only is this gorgeous tropical leaf made using the string technique, it is also ombre to show off all the beauty of the leaf. The colors are chosen so carefully that this sheet appears to be a real one! Try making your own using the tutorial.

If you're a boho and a free spirited person, you might like this idea: a feather artwork. The feather is held in white on a rough, dark piece of wood, which together looks heavenly.

This is another feather string work of art that looks no worse than the previous one, but here you can see a different outline, pearly colored strings, and some noticeable wood that isn't that dark. And of course it looks great!

Make a beautiful and large string work of art with the word SUMMER - what could be better to improve your mood, even if it's autumn? The piece is made of a yellow string, but you can switch to any other color you like or that symbolizes summer for you.

Here is another cactus string art - this one is big and blooming! I love the color combination and the look of the big cactus on the board, do you? Do you feel inspired to do the same?

String Art is back on a big way! Combine it with the cactus and succulent trend and you have the perfect idea for a cactus party decor! It's that simple and can be easily created on a number of surfaces with just a few household items. This project is so easy and makes a great interactive party activity too - and this cactus is super cute!

These prank arts can be done with kids and make a cool activity for them! There are different patterns and many colors to try out. Be careful with your nails.

This string wall art is made in all the colors of the rainbow! His word DREAM is an amazing motivator for every season and occasion, not just summer. And these colors will definitely lift the mood!

Butterflies are really cute, they are not just summery, this is a great print and they will look for any girly space - from the littlest ones to the grown up girls! Do this beautiful blue butterfly string art and beautify your girlish room with this chic piece!

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