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diy modern coat racks

diy modern coat racks

It’s autumn already, did you notice? Isn’t it getting a little cold? If you’ve worn outerwear or accessories before, you’ll need some racks and hooks in your entryway to hang them up. Need some tutorials on how to make a cool rack? Here they are, these are modern wardrobes that are great for modern / minimalist spaces.

This tutorial shows you how to build a modern wardrobe. This modern wardrobe design made from black walnut wood is both stylish and functional. Regardless of whether you are looking for a cloakroom in your foyer or mudroom, and whether your furnishing style is a modern farmhouse or a craftsman, this cloakroom is sure to fit in perfectly. Watch the video tutorial and do it!

Building a cloakroom has never been easier! Just follow this simple DIY tutorial to make your own stylish entryway essential – all from a single piece of wood. This unique design consists of only one wooden panel and leans against any blank wall. It adds character as well as hook. Such a simple and cool idea to rock!

This project is an eco-friendly idea as you are using waste wood to make some large townhouses – recycle! The idea is moody and fun. You can go for any color and enjoy the resulting piece, which is sure to add a funky touch to your entryway. As you paint, personalize it with different colors. Love big cities!

This modern teepee clothes rack is perfect for storing your jackets and hats. Its minimalist design is ideal for modern homes. It’s incredibly easy to make, no glue or screws required, and you can dye it to match your other furniture! See the tutorial in the source for how to make your own.

This wall mount is an easy addition to any entryway, but it’s important when you have a lot of accessories that you use frequently. The piece is made with a piece of poplar wood and some wood dowels to create a peaceful look that easily fits into many rooms. It’s a good idea to leave the pins detachable to hide how they are attached to the wall. Paint or color it if you want!

This simple wood and metal entry shelf can also hold mail or other accessories. It’s very functional. While traditional racks can take the jacket and pockets off your hands, you can use this project to create and assemble a beautifully simple rendition that even has a hidden slot for mail. It’s easy to adapt to your space and simplifies the daily clutter at the entrance of your home.

This coat rack lies flat against the wall, but looks three-dimensional. It could be very functional but still have a great sculptural look when not in use. Use it to hold your keys, mail, scarves, hats or jackets. It’s a great space-saving solution without sacrificing style, and geometry is all the rage right now.

Check out this modern and industrial wardrobe, with floating shelves made entirely of faucets and pipes, then mounted on the floor and on the wall. The piece also features walnut boards. Additionally, the design can be changed to include more or fewer shelves. Read the tutorial and get inspired to make this piece yourself!

How can you quickly upgrade your bar cart without spending a lot of money? How can you give a cocktail a vacation look, even if you don't have much on hand? Make some stirrers easy and quick! These are usually very simple crafts that can be completed in the last few minutes. Check out some DIYs we've collected and choose a few that you want to repeat.

What can be more Christmassy than Christmas trees? Take ten minutes to stock up on these adorable mini Christmas tree drink stirrers for all of your upcoming Christmas parties! They are very easy to prepare and turn any cocktail into a vacation. Enjoy!

This time of year can get crazy, so it's nice to have quick and easy holiday party projects. These drink stirrers are a breeze but add a touch of whimsy to a cocktail. They are no less Christmassy than tree-like because they are small pine cones! If you spend a few minutes doing it, you will start collecting oohs and ahhhs from your guests. They're glamorous and rustic at the same time without being too obvious - you can use them in fall and Thanksgiving too.

Would you like to know the easiest way to add a little Christmas cheer to your eggnog or cranberry cocktail? DIY mini wreath drink stirrer! You're so cute (isn't everything miniature?) And you make enough for all of your holiday party guests in about 10 minutes. Not only that, but they're super cheap to make too! This project works great for other mini Christmas items like mini Christmas hats, mini Christmas light pendants, and mini bottle brush trees. So many possibilities! In a few minutes you can put together your own small holiday range of cocktail stirrers for your holiday bar cart. Yay!

Reindeer are very symbolic of Christmas and if you want to add a bit of fun and whimsy to your cocktails, this is exactly what you need. These DIY reindeer drink stirrers are the cutest addition to your holiday egg liqueur and add such a fun holiday touch to any drink. They're also super easy to make, so that's always a plus! Plus, these DIY reindeer drink stirrers could easily be swapped out to make snowmen out of different sizes of white felt balls, or maybe even an elf or Santa Claus face.

As a fun idea for New Years Eve, you can make these DIY disco ball drink stirrers! Why not add some shiny disco balls to your vacation drinks ?! No matter what you use them for, they add some shine and they seemed perfect for such a celebration. Plus, these plastic drink stirrers are reusable as long as you hand wash them and avoid the disco ball. They are super easy to put together, check out the tutorial!

Mini Christmas ornaments are the cutest and can be used for your party decorations. These amazing drink stirrers will add a fun twist to any Christmas party you're hosting or just for casual drinks with friends one evening. Either way, everyone will think that you are the hostess with most. You can customize these with colors and patterns that also reflect your holiday decorations!

These festive stirrers also serve as beverage markers for all glasses. These include green glitter and red tree stirrers, as well as white and silver snowflakes on long legs. Read how to design and make these little cuties to make your holiday drinks more colorful and fun!

Whether you're throwing a cocktail party or a full Christmas dinner this Christmas season, these decorative drink stirrers will help you spice up your drinks from now until New Years Eve! There are so many ways to make these drink stirrers, but you basically need small ornaments or holidays to create a festive and pretty decor for your cocktail bar and drink stations.

These drink stirrers, imitating fireworks, would make small additions to any July 4th celebration. They also meet two important requirements: They are easy and quick to make, which is ideal when many of them are needed. Read How To Make Them In The Source And Enjoy!

The best type of DIY projects are those that use readily available, inexpensive materials and that can be done very quickly. Something as simple as rolling thin strips of paper around a pencil will produce stunning results. These simple and colorful paper curls are great for freshening up your drink stirrers. You can also use them to make garlands. Enjoy!

Don't wrap up the Christmas decorations before you ring in the New Year. Glittering tinsel garlands make festive champagne cocktail toppers. Check out how to roast in the spring with shine and shine and make these simple stirrers!

These tassel mixers are easy to pull together before this weekend's soiree! You can even earn enough to put them on a cake or dessert display too! No Christmas party? Swap out the red and green tassels for gold and silver and make these for New Years Eve! Or use red and white striped washi tape instead of silver to make this even happier! Read how to make these stirrers and watch the video for additional help!

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