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DIY: Minimalism decoration & recipe for chilli honey nuts
diy evergreen christmas decor

DIY: Minimalism decoration & recipe for chilli honey nuts diy evergreen christmas decor

Make mini fir wreaths yourself diy evergreen christmas decor

Evergreens are traditionally used for winter vacation decor, whether they are natural or artificial. This is not just about Christmas trees, you can also make various evergreen decorations for indoors and outdoors. Interested? Here are the coolest and easiest tutorials to try out.

A kiss ball is a famous Christmas piece, and you can make it from a foam ball and artificial evergreens of your choice. Add some ribbons - red, plaid or glittery and hang the decoration wherever you want! Don't forget to kiss yourself underneath!

How do I decorate a window for Christmas? Hang an arrangement of small evergreen Christmas wreaths on a red ribbon: this simple and pretty styling goes great with any type of decor and goes with all colors - change the ribbon to suit whatever colors you have.

An evergreen garland or booty can be used all over the house for decorations, for outside and inside: for mantelpiece, fireplace, stairs, archways, entrances and many other rooms and objects. How to make a beautiful lush natural evergreen garland yourself? No problem, this tutorial will help!

An evergreen wreath is a great and easy Christmas decoration that can be used both indoors and outdoors. There are many ways to equip such a wreath: pine cones, flowers and other parts. This tutorial will show you how to make an evergreen wreath with ornaments. The coolest idea for winter holidays!

Make a chic evergreen centerpiece with candles, ribbons, berries, and snow-covered pine cones. Such a piece is a beautiful decoration for the table, window sill or any other room. Add any decorations and elements in any color to make them as individual as possible.

To make this chic natural evergreen wreath, all you need is a variety of green picks and a grapevine wreath. The piece is a great natural touch to add to your Christmas decorations. You don't need anything other than real green. Hang it on your front door and voila!

This is not just an ordinary wreath, this is a gift! The piece is made of pine and cedar branches and a large jar of honey is attached. Such a wreath can be an interesting gift, it is a great way to give someone a jar of honey with a holiday feeling. You can also attach other items to the wreath, not just honey.

If you have kids or just love vintage decor, this wreath is sure to please you. It's a large snow-covered piece with vintage cars and large jingle bells done in green and red to make the wreath more traditional. Such an idea is great for a boy's room or to add a retro flair to the room.

Bring a forest feeling into your room with this wreath! It consists of artificial evergreens, feathers of various kinds, artificial birds, and some silver leaves. It will look chic over the fireplace, on your front door, wherever you want. Add more birds there to enjoy!

This is a lush evergreen wreath with a touch of tradition. The piece is decorated with berries, red ornaments and pine cones - looks very chic and cozy, it is a timeless decoration for a front door that will always be on trend.

There is nothing more beautiful than natural beauty, so this wreath consists only of fresh evergreens and nothing else. The piece is large and variable, it is structured, dimensional and with all shades of green. The tutorial also gives you some tips on how to grow these evergreens.

A basic Christmas wreath of evergreen plants with lights is always suitable for any room - from modern to shabby chic. It's pretty simple, it looks lush, amazing, and beautiful. Find out how to do in the source.

Decorate the chairs for the party with mini evergreen wreaths, pine cones, and white ribbons. Such mini wreaths can also be used as Christmas tree decorations or just hung anywhere you want. The tutorial is very simple and it won't take much time - a perfect last minute idea!

Make a traditional Christmas wreath more modern with different leaves and red berries. The decoration looks very structured and chic, it is much more modern than a usual evergreen. You can make it all natural or add some faux elements for a more interesting look. If you need a permanent decoration, go for all-faux pieces.

Candles make the room cooler and cozier, which is especially suitable for winter. Take containers and floating candles and add some glitter and evergreen to the container. Such an arrangement is a good idea for winter vacation to make it cozier and more comfortable.

These modern or even minimalist Christmas decorations are a great idea that can be made by yourself in minutes. It consists of an embroidery frame, pine cones, a pine branch and a striped ribbon - looks pretty and simple and can be hung anywhere from Christmas trees to archways.

A holiday door swag is a great idea for Christmas and can be made very quickly. Made up of various greens and ribbons, this swag makes it textured and chic, and decorates the door you want with it - not just a front one.

Here's a classic natural wreath of evergreen plants, berries and pine cones - all natural, cute and beautiful! Looks very festive and beautiful and gives your room a natural feel. A classic idea for any Christmas, and to make it durable you can make it faux.

This urn arrangement is great for outdoors: it contains evergreen plants, ornaments, artificial apples, pine cones and twigs. Add some very large bows to make the look more festive and voila! Your porch will be amazing and inviting, Merry Christmas!

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