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diy lunch boxes

diy lunch boxes

diy lunch boxes

All of the children will be back to school soon, and many of them carry lunches to eat healthily. Many adults also have something to eat, and a lunch bag or box is a necessary item. We already shared some ideas for making lunch boxes and today I want to share some DIYs on lunch boxes. Let's see what you can do and how to personalize a finished lunch box.

For adults

This chic lunch box is ideal for adults. It is made of wood and leather. The bottom of the box is made of wood and some brown leather is attached to the bottom with fancy screws. There are some buttons and a leather handle on top to carry the box. Read how to make this cool box and enjoy its stylish look after crafting!

Here is another great adult lunch box made from a finished metal box with decoupage. Take a finished white domed metal box and decorate it with decoupage of your choice. Here these are bright flowers. Add a chic bow to the handle of the box and carry your lunch in style!

Say goodbye to the lunch box with the brown sack! A milk jug is a great lunch box because not only is it food safe, but it's the perfect size to keep your sandwiches from being crushed! Plus, it costs about $ 1 to make! It can also be used as a container to organize all of your little goodies. And the smaller milk jugs are also perfect for on the go. Read the tutorial to find out how such boxes are made.

If you have a loved one who works in a concrete jungle and does not have the opportunity to eat with nature, this is for you as a surprise packed lunch. Not particularly practical for everyday use, it will improve mood and make the person you love happy. And when she or he is having fun, just put it in a window to see if you can keep the grass growing for a little bit of park inside.

This project is for everyone, whether you are going back to school, have a kid going back to school, or just want to improve your lunch box game. This is a comfortable and stylish insulated fabric lunch box that perfectly holds the shape and looks very cool! Pick a fabric you like and be ready to sew a lot: this project involves enough sewing.

For children

The project shows you how to spice up an existing lunch box for your kids. Decorate the lunch box with colorful glitter vinyl - this can be letters or a picture of the child's favorite character. Such a lunch box looks cool and cute, your kids will be happy to enjoy their food.

These mini lunch box bars are the perfect way to pack a little love into your child's juice box. The project shows you how to spice up your lunch box with a small chalkboard and some magnets if you want. This is a great idea to encourage kids to be creative and give them some love.

When your child goes back to school and you want to give them a nice lunch, make a cool lunch box for your child. This bright lunch box consists of a mint box. Just empty the can and decorate it with colored tape - so easy and so fast!

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