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diy leather hanging shelf

diy leather hanging shelf

Do you need a simple and quick shelf for home decor? Here it is! Prepare a piece of wood, white paint, leather or suede rope / cord, a drill bit. Cut your wood and drill two holes in each end of your wood. You can make your holes any size you want. Paint your wood white, or you can skip this step entirely if you want a more raw look, but white goes better with my space. Attach your leather. Figure out how low you want your shelf to hang, then run your leather through a hole and tie 1 or 2 knots until it is secure. Loop it through the other hole and do the same. Read on for what to do in the source.

Many of us today have a problem with a lack of space - no room for this or that corner that you actually need, but don't worry, there are tons of ideas out there to solve the problem! Multifunctional corners and furniture, hidden storage spaces and even beds, and that's not all! In such a case, it is important to use every inch of your home. We strongly recommend taking a look at the space under the stairs. Do you use it? What is its function? Even if it is quite small, you can organize a functional corner there and today we will tell you how to create a home office.


Under the stairs the rooms are often quite dark and just one table lamp is not enough to illuminate the whole corner. When you read and work there, your eyesight is often compromised. That's why the first thing to think about is light: choose different layers of wall lights, sconces, pendant lights and table lamps, even built-ins - the more the better! If possible, make a staircase without risers or just remove it from the existing part - this guarantees that your home office corner will get a lot more light through the windows or just the rooms around it. If you can, make a separate window in that corner of the home office that floods it with natural light and lets you enjoy the view. It will inspire you too, so this is a brilliant solution!


Storage is another concern we should think about in any room, and here the solution is simple: choose functional and cool furniture! First, find a desk with drawers or open storage space that meets all of your needs. Second, put some cabinets next to the desk or mount some on the wall if you have enough space. Prefer open shelves as they look light. If you choose cabinets, they can form a ladder by themselves. Find more ideas for inspiration below!

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