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diy kitchen utensil racks

diy kitchen utensil racks

Everyone has utensils in the kitchen, and sometimes there are so many that you really need shelves, shelves, and holders to organize them all and not to clutter the kitchen. Today’s round-up will help you! We have put together the coolest and easiest ideas to realize your space and keep it in order. Ready to see her Let’s do this!

The first is a kitchen copper pipe rack, which is suitable not only for hanging utensils, but also for pots, pans, planters and much more. The shelf is cool and stylish and instantly gives your kitchen a restaurant look, while copper is the trendiest metallic shade ever. Don’t forget S-hooks to hang whatever you need!

This stylish little frame is made from a piece of wood and PVC tubing. The pipes are spray painted in several shades of color with the color block idea and placed on the wooden stand – you can attach them if you want. Such a stand is very convenient to use and does not take up much space in your kitchen.

Belt-style pin boards, accessory storage, and the like are very popular, and this lattice holder is no exception. It consists of wire mesh reinforcement that has been painted to match the kitchen style. Then simply attach them to the wall and hang them up with S-hooks as desired. It is very functional and can be used in any room to store various things. Enjoy!

This simple rack can be made in minutes! You will need a piece of wood and piping to hold the utensils in. The only downside to this rack is that the number of utensils is fixed. So if you buy more of these there will be no room for them. But if not – it’s a brilliant idea!

Breadboards are everything we do: you won’t find a more functional and practical surface that can hold and hold many things. A breadboard utensil holder fits into any kitchen, and all you need is a few S-hooks to hang the utensils. It’s a very quick and cool craft that anyone can try.

Such a utensil caddy is a good idea for most kitchens – it’s a very convenient piece. The article consists of some wooden circles and tin cans that have been painted and decorated with paper and burlap. The good thing is that such a caddy is mobile and you can take it with you anywhere when you’re doing something outdoors.

A vintage door painted using the color block technique can make a lovely utensil holder and organizer. You will need some magnetic strips, caddies, and hooks. Read the tutorial to find out how you can attach them more effectively to accommodate whatever you need.

This stylish, modern utensil caddy is a rotating one that makes operation even more convenient. It consists of a wooden square, some metal cups, and it rotates! So cool and convenient, and the design makes it a harmonious part of every industrial, Scandinavian or modern kitchen. If it doesn’t fit, you can always delete it.

This vintage industrial equipment organizer is a great idea for storing not only utensils but many other things as well. It consists of a wooden box and some industrial accessories, and I like the bold blue color that makes it more cheerful. Read in the tutorial how to create the organizer and how to conveniently place everything there.

Ikea always delights us with various intelligent designs that are practical and super functional. In addition, they produce a lot of cool things that can be used for a lot of things and even for crafting. Today I want to share some ideas for using IKEA glasses in your home. These are life hacks that will really get you going to IKEA and buying some glasses!

Use in the kitchen and in the pantry

The main purpose of such jars is to use them in the kitchen and pantry. They are perfect for storing dry food: flour, crackers, nuts, french fries, candy and so on. Label the glasses and keep your kitchen or pantry organized. You can also use them to store spices and create an entire spice rack with labels or a blackboard wall to write their names on. If the kitchen is small, chop the jars and let them hang: make holders for lids and fix them. Pickled vegetables can also be stored in IKEA jars and many other types of food!

Glasses as vases and planters

Any jar can easily become a convenient planter or pot for a small plant. Just take some soil and plant whatever you want, or add some water and place your flowers. With glasses you can even create an entire indoor or outdoor garden.

Bathroom storage

Attach your glasses to a rack or just put them there for convenient space for various bathroom accessories and other things. You can also put your glass on the edge of the bathtub and put soaps or sponges in there.

Home decor with IKEA glasses

Jars are perfect for decorations of various kinds: candle holders and lanterns, miniatures in a jar, snow globes and other things - everything that comes to mind is real! You can make these decorations with your kids and have great time together.

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