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diy jingle bell christmas decor

diy jingle bell christmas decor

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way! There is nothing more Christmassy than these bells! So it’s a good idea to incorporate these little cuties into your Christmas decorations to give a hint of tradition and give your bells a modern feel. We’ve already shared Christmas decorations with bells, and now I’m showing some DIYs to do other things. Find your tutorial here!


Add some serious cuteness to your Christmas tree or other rooms and items with this easy DIY jingle bell wreath! The idea is pretty simple: take some wire and attach bells to it to form a wreath of the shape, size, and color you want. Add a pretty bow and voila, your decoration is ready!

Jingle all the way with this bell-covered wreath! The piece looks very cozy, traditional and rustic at the same time: It is a wreath covered with a golden rope and a checkered ribbon, with large bells attached for a chic touch. The craft itself is mostly about gluing and spraying, doing it and using it to beautify your front door.

This funny and shiny Christmas wreath is made of bells! The cool and shiny Christmas wreath is decorated with a cool big red bow to give it an even more traditional look. You can skip the arch completely or do a little one or whatever, but when it comes to Christmas decorations and bows, I think it goes big or home.

Table accessories

A great hostess is all about the little details: They make sure that umbrellas are available when it rains, that a candle burns in the bathroom, that vases of fresh flowers are displayed and that Julie’s husband does not eat garlic. You want your guests to be comfortable enough to sit on your couch, but especially enough to eat from your finest china. These DIY jingle bell straws are perfect for your holiday drinks this holiday season. The vehicle is slightly breezy and you can do it in five minutes. You could whip them while your guests walk from the car to the door! Have fun!

Equip your table landscape with pretty napkin rings made of large bells! If you have a ribbon, hot glue, and a few bells from the dollar store, you’re good to go! The craft itself doesn’t take much time and brings a strong holiday spirit to your table. Get smart!

Here is another version of doorbell napkin rings. It’s pretty simple and is similar to a wreath craft that we mentioned earlier. Take some wire and attach jingle bells to it to make the correct napkin rings of the size and shape you want. Insert napkins and enjoy the festive look!


Create festive Jingle Bell Christmas frames for a simple and modern look in your home. Only a few craft supplies are required for production. It will add so much sparkle and glamor to your seasonal decor! Enjoy the easy setup and create a whole group of such frames for your mantelpiece or shelf. Share some of these with your friends to make them happy. You can also put in some pictures of everything.

Do you need an alternative Christmas tree? Check out these wire and bell bells! Use a variety of wire colors and sizes with beads or bells. These wire Christmas trees are great for a holiday table decor or a decorated mantelpiece. Metallic tones never go out of style, so you can use them for Christmas decorations year after year. Enjoy!

Nothing says so much about “Christmas” like bells! Here is a simple tutorial on how to make your own DIY Christmas decor jingle bell tree that is perfect for a mantle or table landscape. Such a tree will be a bold and catchy Christmas tree alternative to an ordinary one. It only requires three basic supplies and a lot of patience!

If you like monogram wreaths, you can make a sophisticated and personal gift – a monogram bell wreath. Create this peppermint monogram wreath, it’s super easy to put together and the results are beautiful. Read the tutorial, do it, and hang your new holiday monogram or wrap it up as a nice personal gift!

This simple Christmas garland fulfills all kinds of holiday needs: simple, fun, cute and affordable. A quick trip to your local craft store and you have everything you need to make this garland for your own home. Not only can you use this on your Christmas tree, but it looks perfect over windows, mantles, and mirrors.

If you prefer a rustic Christmas decoration, you need everything rustic! I love the look of rustic bells! Not rusty, just rustic: the older, the more desperate, the better. Read the tutorial and make cool rustic bells with the usual shiny bells to decorate your home or use as a gift tag.

Velvet is a timeless fabric that immediately gives any room and look a sophisticated touch and chic. It is very popular to decorate any room for fall or winter as it is also very calming and warm. It's great to add texture to your interior. With autumn almost here, it's high time to upgrade your interior with luxurious pieces of velvet, and today's roundup is dedicated to them. We offer cool pieces of furniture and cushions made of velvet that spice up your rooms, take a look at them and get inspired!


The first roundup is for those who already have a proper piece of velvet furniture but are old or just not in the best shape. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to repaint a piece of velvet furniture with paint, leaving the texture as it is. Watch a video tutorial and give your piece of velvet a new life and a chic and bold addition to your room.

Here's another tutorial on how to make an old piece of velvet - here it's a chair - brand new and fresh. If you don't have an upholstery budget or the skills and time to do it, repaint. This tutorial shares all the secrets to making the chair amazing again and preserving the texture of the fabric. Even if your piece has diamond pads on it, there is still room for inspiration!

Create a bold decor statement for your home by painting the chair in half. The idea is to tape off part of the chair - make it vertical for a bolder and catchier look. Then paint one half of the chair in a contrasting color and voila - you have a really bold and modern statement. Enjoy!

If you don't have a stylish piece of velvet for this fall and still want it, no problem! Take an ordinary sofa and reupholster it with beautiful velvet for a chic and bold look. This tutorial will teach you how to reupholster a sofa with stylish and bold velvet to make it amazing and trendy. Beautify your living room with a chic, jewel-colored velvet sofa!

All old chairs can get a super trendy and bright look if you re-upholster them with chic velvet. This project is going to teach you how to renovate old chairs with velvet of your choice - it's a good idea even if the chairs are new but you've spoiled something and can't clean them. Read how to make them brand new and cool, and freshen up your space with new velvet chairs.

This bold bench is on trend from every angle: it's a color block piece which is a hot trend, it's velvet which is another trend, it has needle legs that are also edgy and have jewel tones that are amazing for fall. What a beautiful piece! It's a tall bench on metallic hairpin legs and features bold plum and blue-green velvet - an amazing item for many styles and decorations and for many rooms. Get inspired and do one.


Velvet is not just about large pieces of furniture, it can also be easily integrated into home decor, with small, soft accents here and there, for example cute geometric pillows. This bold velvet pillow is a modern color block piece in pink and plum. It adds texture and interest to any room, and a modern geometric shape adds even more.

Here's a velvet pillow, it's a bold and girly piece! The pillow is in the shape of lips and is light pink which I like a lot. If you too, girls, it's time to make one out of pink velvet. Vary the color of velvet if you prefer other lipstick colors, or make several to change them up depending on your mood. Get inspired to add a glamorous touch to your room with these lips!

Make a pack of amazing pastel velvet pillows to upgrade your space with them and add cute little tassels on the corners for a boho feel. In this tutorial, you will learn how to sew several pillowcases from pastel colored velvet and attach ready-made tassels, or make them yourself and then attach them. Check out how to sew them and spice up your space with these cute accessories.

Here's one more bold color block project - it will spice up any room with its bold hues. Go for bold jewel tones velvet, any color you like but keep it contrasting. Follow the instructions to make the geometric color block pillows easy, get inspired, and liven up your space with jewel tones for fall!

Make a bright color block of velvet semicircular pillow! Sew such a pillow from light and contrasting velvet of your choice by dividing it into sections as indicated in the tutorial. You can make multiple color block pieces in different shades to add interest to your space.

If you already have some velvet pillows but they're still not light enough, read this project and make it a reality - it will show you how to spice up the pillows with light appliqués. You can choose them or even cut them out yourself and then add any style to the pillows. Get inspired!

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