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diy ikea stool hacks

diy ikea stool hacks

We keep sharing the coolest DIY IKEA hacks, and today’s roundup is dedicated to the stools. IKEA makes different stools that you can customize to your liking or even turn into completely different pieces. Let’s take a look at the coolest DIYs to make.

DIY stool hacks

A Bekvam stool is a must have for any home with a child, but its appearance is very simple. Do a little renovation to make it a perfect match for your home. This tutorial tells you about an incredibly easy makeover. All you need is some paint, some stain, and some painter’s tape – paint part of the stool the color you like and you will love the result!

The IKEA Skogsta stool is a beautiful piece that you can adapt to your interior. This tutorial will show you how to whitewash it and add an industrial touch with some metal. The stool will get a lot cooler after the makeover – check out the tutorial and enjoy the makeover!

An IKEA step stool is more of a simple and even boring piece that needs renovation. The unfinished wood is a magnet for children’s fingerprints, spilled soap and water in the bathroom, and other random spots that may have built up along the way. Color your chair to keep it cool – you can buy a stain or even make it yourself by reading the tutorial.

IKEA Frosta stools can be made much more interesting and comfortable with cork. The seat of this stool is covered in cork to give it a cool and comfortable structural look, and while the tutorial is not in English there are plenty of pictures to make it absolutely clear.

This would be fun for a bakery, or preschool, or playroom, or really anywhere that you want some frosting fun! Check out the source for how to make these cute and fun stools with vinyl donuts.

IKEA Mammut stools are loved by children! You can make a simple chair a lot more noticeable with this simple hack. Turn mammoth stools into poison mushrooms with red contact paper! The project is simple and you will be creating it in a few minutes.

Sometimes IKEA furniture just needs something to bring to the craft! Make this gorgeous button stool! All you need to make this stool is a simple IKEA stool, a piece of wood, and some rope / twine / twine / twine.

From simple to pretty! Everyone knows these Ikea stools, they are the perfect basis for a chic stool! These cool and old stools are made from simple IKEA stools, duct tape, and spray paint. They create bold patterns and looks that you like.

This tutorial is especially for those who love to crochet. IKEA Mammut stools can be made chic and moody with colorful crochet covers – so cool and bold! Take the leftover yarn and recycle it into a colorful pouf cover for some comfort and warmth.

IKEA Bekvam is a great piece to renovate. After painting red, find the images you want and print them on an inkjet printer. Here the author wanted a Mexican theme, so we have Day of the Dead skulls, roses, and of course Frida. Using decoupage is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a simple piece of furniture, and you can customize it to your liking. It’s also very budget friendly. Have fun doing handicrafts!

Let’s chop more and more IKEA furniture and enjoy the results! Grab two Bosse stools and the BEKVÄM kitchen trolley. You will have a rustic hack: cover the top of the cart and the stool seats with rustic wood. Such a cute idea that will make your kitchen cozier!

Make IKEA Bekvam stools cooler! This makeover is made with stencils – these brightly colored prints on the stool make it a lot cuter. Stencils will help you make the chair bolder.

This DIY is an easy way to find a quick fix in your home! A stool really doesn’t belong anywhere, so I think you can use even more colors and patterns – if you’re scared of those things, patterns and colors, I mean … The wood on these stools is untreated which is great for Handyman is.

DIY stool chops into other pieces

Believe it or not, this is a great IKEA hack for kids that EXPEDIT is not a part of. It’s a simple version of a play kitchen that only includes a stove and an oven. It is therefore compact and easy to manufacture. This hack only requires an ODDVAR stool, a couple of hooks and buttons. With a bit of paint, she created burners and an oven that looked clean and simple but, as we expect, could produce serious imaginary cooking.

A simple tutorial on how to turn the IKEA MARIUS stool into a rustic industrial side table – perfect as a bedside table for a small bedroom by far! For a slightly less complicated route, you can use a round wooden cutting board for the tabletop, as explained in this tutorial.

Find out how to make a DIY plant shelf from the famous FROSTA stool. If you enjoy showing off your plants in your home, you will love this IKEA FROSTA hack! This is an unusual hack that will fit most modern interiors.

Here’s a simple DIY end table and IKEA hack. For this DIY furniture project, you are using the legs of an IKEA Frosta stool. The IKEA Aptitlig cutting board was a great bamboo tabletop that matched the interesting Frosta bentwood legs. The result is a cool side table for a modern interior, a timeless piece that you will love.

Smoked glass is a cool way to keep transparency, but not too much. It's an elegant idea for many interiors, especially modern and minimalist ones. Interested how to incorporate it into your decor? Here are a few ideas.

Smoked glass doors

Smoked glass is widely used for doors and partitions, and this is a hot and edgy idea that is sure to add a trendy, modern feel to your home. If it's a masculine or minimalist interior, a smoked glass door is ideal for separating your bedroom from a private bathroom or walk-in closet. Such a door will separate the rooms, but not too much, so that the light will pass through and the rooms will be united and look bigger. Add a smoked glass shower wall in your bathroom to make it more luxurious and prevent the bathroom from flooding.

Other ideas

Smoked glass can be used on kitchen cabinets or wine coolers - light them from the inside for a chic look. This way you show what you have while still keeping the space organized. If you want a conservatory, consider placing it in smoked glass. This will prevent you from getting excessive sunlight and make you feel like you are outside.

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