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diy ikea side table hacks

diy ikea side table hacks

A side table stands next to your sofa or chair on which you can place remote controls, cups of drinks, books, tablets or whatever. Need one Then Ikea is your answer! This company not only produces various parts to easily assemble such furniture yourself, but also many items that can be converted into side tables: chairs, coffee tables, bedside tables and so on. Let’s take a look at some amazing projects made from Ikea pieces and maybe you feel inspired to make some of them a reality!

Ikea furniture is perfect for hacking or renovating because of its simplicity. Today TheLovelyDrawer blog offers hacking Ikea Nesna bedside tables. It can easily be turned into a very cool modern side table or a mid-century modern side table. Read here how it works.

IKEA furniture has always been the subject of changes and various decorations as it is pretty simple and easy to change. The Trolsta side table, model from 2012, is interesting because of its Gustav-style leg shape and its simple white color. You can easily turn it into a vintage side table and put it in a stool, see the project.

Here’s another easy DIY side table and IKEA hack. For this DIY furniture project, the author used the legs of an IKEA Frosta stool. The IKEA Aptitlig cutting board was a great bamboo tabletop that matched the interesting Frosta bentwood legs. Read on to find out how to do it.

This project is realized with the help of Ikea Viktigt cutting board and Sigrid Pretty Pegs with universal plates. These pegs have a range of great looking pegs that will go with most IKEA furniture and more. Each Pretty Peg comes with a handy instruction manual so you don’t have to wonder how to bring all of this together or look it up on this page. So comfortable!

Do you need a great rustic piece? Take the Marius stool in Ikea and chop it into a beautiful, nature-inspired piece! Here the author used a large and thick wooden disc. You can find your own seat if you want, but this one on metal legs looks amazing.

This simple end table is okay, but a little plain, a little boring. How can you spice it up? Light! Cover the top with duct tape for a cool pattern. Here it is geometric or chevron. Paint it and enjoy the piece, it will look very noticeable.

IKEA hacks are very popular today, and here’s another idea to add to your list! Take 4 Ikea KNUFF Magazine files, Ikea FROSTA stool, Ikea NASUM basket – these items will become the basis of your side table. Interested? Then read this tutorial!

Why do Ikea hacks always feel like cheating? Not that Ikea is rubbish, but the items are pretty plain so they scream hacking! This Ikea hack gives you a gorgeous piece with an industrial flair: it’s a stained wooden top with black metal legs. It fits in any modern or industrial space, make one yourself!

These super bold side tables are made from Ikea lacquer side tables and with the help of stencils. Do some to create a bold focal point in your space!

Halloween is in a month's time and everyone who organizes parties this year is puzzling over decor, treats, and other things associated with parties. Activities and games are one of the things to think about and today's round-up will help you: this is where you can find DIY Halloween games for kids' parties.

Here's a super fun activity ... Pumpkin Golf! It's perfect for school class celebrations, suitcase or treats, or just because you need to keep the kids entertained! And the bonus is that it's super easy and you can reuse it year after year! You could get a couple of different sized pumpkins with different mouth sizes and make each pumpkin worth points. Here's a quick tip: it helps to have a backboard, wall, or curb so you don't chase missed balls everywhere!

Make a DIY Halloween tic-tac-toe. If you're looking for something that isn't candy for the little ones, try this cute DIY game. A fun activity for the car or the class party. Choose colors and shades that you like and enjoy.

This DIY Trick or Treat game is perfect for a Halloween classroom party, but we'll only be using it for the trick or treating that comes to the door. This could easily be turned into a fun matching game. Discover two matching prizes and win these prizes. And the more mini pumpkins the better! Otherwise, it's a fun trick or treat game to use at a classroom party or for any trick or treat that comes to your door.

Are you looking for a simple family night game, something to keep the kids busy, or even a Halloween party game? This one is fun, easy, and FREE! All you need is a few dice (and the free printout) to play. You can also just use the pieces as jigsaw puzzles for younger kids, or hide them in rice to find and assemble as quickly as possible. Also, don't be bound by the directions on the page, just make it as easy or difficult as you like depending on who you're playing.

Here is a simple printable Halloween bingo game for you! It's a perfect thing to take to kids' Halloween parties at school. You can download and print out six different bingo cards. Then just grab some sweetcorns for your bingo markers and you're ready to play!

Probably the easiest Halloween game in Halloween game history. Grab a panel house and tub of foam Halloween stickers and happy haunted house buildings! Let your children chalk the house themselves on the blackboards to encourage more creativity.

This handmade tic tac toe was created with the kids - they really spent some time making tic tac toes themselves from salty batter, so this is not just an after-game game but an activity with the kids too. Let them create the shapes and colors they prefer.

Here's a super easy way to decorate a table cornhole board for a fun Halloween game! Depending on the age of your children, they can put the whole thing together. This would be a great project and game for a Halloween party too! Hope you all have a great time playing your Cornhole Halloween game!

The old classic “peeled grapes for eyeballs” has become my favorite pastime for Halloween gatherings. Make a reusable box set with your kids and have fun playing! You can also find printouts for the game and the entire tutorial.

Here are two different free printable Halloween matching games. These activities are amazing for toddlers so your kids will definitely have a lot of fun while developing their reaction and memory.

Let's play tic-tac-toe on Halloween family game night! This is a great craft for kids and parents alike - far from playing video games and without interacting with family members.

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