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diy ikea headboard hacks

diy ikea headboard hacks

A headboard is a useful piece that can add a chic look to your bed or even hide extra storage space and lights that can be used for reading. If you’re looking to renovate your old headboard or even make a new one, IKEA is for you. Today we are sharing some tutorials on headboards to use different IKEA items and materials. Let’s look at these.

Give the headboard some comfy velvet padding for a boutique hotel look by using a Sanela curtain as a headboard cover – looks really cool and chic! This tutorial will show you how to renovate your headboard using this fabric and individual brass nail heads to make the headboard look chic and bold.

In need of a cool and easy IKEA hack? Then this one is for you! It’s an IKEA Malm bed frame, self-adhesive wood and no drywall screws. Stikwood is reclaimed wood that is already finished and has a self-adhesive back. This is perfect for those of us who aren’t exactly woodworkers but still want the look of reclaimed wood. Such a nice craft material!

This version is the same as the Bissa Storage bed head, but is raised using the wooden boards to create drawers under the Bissa cabinets. This allows access to the lower compartment and for a larger bed head. The result is a large bed with plenty of extra storage space – don’t we all need that?

This is an easy project. Take a birch HAMMARP countertop to create a frame. Cut a MANDAL headboard to the width of your bed and bam, you have a headboard that has a nice shelf for toys and other things on top.

Make a headboard for your bed from the tables and shelves from IKEA LACK. It will be a creative, modern headboard with floating bedside tables and a geo-look top shelf – looks very chic and interesting and gives you plenty of storage space. You can also add lights there if necessary.

The IKEA Brimnes headboard can be transformed into a colorful and interesting piece with decorative metal grilles and bold colors such as green or other shades. As a result, you get a redesigned headboard that perfectly matches a bespoke color scheme and style. This project is fun, easy to complete, and most importantly, offers a stylish punch without the high price tag for bespoke furniture. Treat yourself to those extra pillows and the new down comforter to complete your bedroom renovation!

This chic headboard offers plenty of storage space. You need two IKEA Expedit 5 x 1 shelves in black-brown and four IKEA Expedit drawing units in glossy gray. Using diamond upholstery, cover the headboard with chic fabric for a chic look and storage space.

Old BILLY bookcases, Dacron and a SANELA curtain can be turned into a chic headboard that will add bolder to your bed. Using a stapler to cover the headboard is a great way to make it look softer and cozier. Such a craft is quite simple and can even be accomplished by a starter.

If you need a chic headboard with lights for reading, or just sleep with it, then here’s a hack you’ll love! An LED lamp from Lack Table and Jansjo from IKEA can easily be transformed into a chic and cute headboard with additional lights. Read the tutorial to find out how to do it.

Many of us today work from home, and even if you are not one of them, you still have some things to do at home and at least have a corner of the home office. The smaller your home office, the more efficient the organization and storage should be. There might not be enough floor space to house everything, or you might want to save it. Therefore, storage on the wall is the best option anyway.

Plug-in boards, notice boards and magnetic boards

All of these boards are for storing documents, pictures, photos, stickers, and any other type of paper you may need. They are very comfortable as you will not do anything with such a board. Attaching papers can be different: magnets, tape, pens, and even glue. Pegboards are the best because the structure also allows you to add a variety of shelves, planters, holders, and hangers for everything.

Open shelves

This is another very popular idea for any tight space. Buy or make them and clip them over your desk for easy access to your belongings or anywhere near the desk. Here you can save and view everything from files and documents to planters and souvenirs. When you mount them above your desk, add some lights to make working more comfortable.

Wire mesh and baskets

Wire is a perfect thing for those looking to add industrial charm to their home office. They are very durable and look cool no matter what color you use. They can be attached to a few boards or used independently, and the price in each store is very budget friendly.

Modular storage units with tabletops

There are some special wall shelves that also include a tabletop. The entire construction is attached to the wall. It is a very ergonomic unit that can be hung in the smallest corner and you get a complete home office!

Get more creative ideas below!

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