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DIY Ikea furniture makeover
ikea stall hemnes hacks

DIY Ikea furniture makeover ikea stall hemnes hacks

Inexpensive IKEA shoe rack with decorative paper on the drawers ikea stall hemnes hacks

IKEA stall is a simple shoe cabinet that can be wall-mounted to store whatever you want. Hemne's two- or four-compartment shoe cabinets are also cool, simple shoe storage pieces that are pretty similar. But of course, they're all pretty neutral and plain, so they require a bit of hacking for a bolder look. Let's look at some ideas.

IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet hacks

Hemnes shoe cabinets are stylish and elegant storage items that can be used throughout your home to store various things. How can you freshen them up to make them look cooler? The simplest idea and hack ever is to change the pulling forces for others, for buttons or even handles that you like. Such a DIY won't take much time and will easily freshen up your simple hemnes and turn it into a more personal one. Paint and spray paint a variety of colors - anything from gray to red is welcome if it suits your home decor - you can paint by keeping the frame white or paint it entirely. Dyeing is also a good idea if you want to achieve a cozier and more rustic look with your Hemnes. Using contact paper is a good idea to freshen up your Hemnes cabinet. Try marble for a sophisticated touch or wood grain to make it look rustic without leaving stains. Changing the doors might be the toughest task, but it's well worth it if you have a specific hack on your mind. Mix up all of these or some of these ideas to create your one-of-a-kind piece!

IKEA Stall Cabinet Hacks

Barn closets are a little harder to hack as they don't have buttons, just cutouts in place of them, which makes changing the buttons more difficult - then you'll have to switch the whole door. Add a wood countertop to the cabinet to make it look more stylish, decorate it with any stickers and contact paper you like. Get inspired!

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