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diy ikea bar cart hacks

diy ikea bar cart hacks

If you have frequent parties, a glass of wine or other beverage like this, a home bar is a must for you. Bar carts and house bars are making a big comeback in home decor, and you can find expensive designer pieces in every style, design, and look. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a piece like this, you can always make your bar cart yourself using just a few IKEA items and you will get a perfectly fitted piece that is ideal for your home. Why Ikea? Because this furniture brand is known for making universal and functional furniture that is easy to hack and reuse. Let’s take a look at IKEA hacks – some of them are IKEA bar cart hacks, others are bars from other parts e.g. B. Bookcases, Tray Tables, and Tables Only.

DIY IKEA bar cart hacks

Bar carts are fantastic, but often their price isn’t. Build this hybrid project with just a few tools. These cool panels on the side are made of PVC material so you can easily pierce them and then use spray paint that bonds to plastic. Read the entire tutorial to find out how to make this gorgeous bar cart!

The Bygel Utility Cart can be transformed into a beautiful coffee cart and home bar with just a little spray paint and shelving. Pick the colors the way you want and enjoy this easy and quick bar hack!

The IKEA BYGEL Utility Cart is a perfect piece for chopping in a variety of ways. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to turn that usual cart into a glamorous home bar with some gold spray paint and marble contact paper. A great idea that is also suitable for beginners!

Here’s another easy Bygel Cart Hack – even easier than before! Assemble the cart according to the instructions except for the wheels and shelves. This one is as simple as it gets and all you really have to do is grab the Ikea Bygel cart, pick some color and go! This one is super easy, and you have no excuse for leaving your Bygel in the standard gray metal it comes in. This would look great in a brass or copper tone, or even something noticeable like a bright pink – the possibilities are endless!

DIY Home Bars from IKEA Items

If you are short on space but dream of a beautiful home bar that fits, this tutorial is for you! The Ikea VITTSJO laptop table transforms into a cool house bar with marble surfaces, metallic legs and frame – looks so glamorous and chic! Add fun accessories and decorations and enjoy!

If you’re not a great handyman, you can still do this project. Pedestal, tray, a coat of paint, and you’ve got a tray table worthy of any bar area and you could use an old piece of furniture that was sitting in the guest room. I love the strong yellow color of the table which gives it a cheerful touch.

IKEA hacks are very popular these days as IKEA makes basic things that are easy to decorate or reuse. This IKEA Kallax bookcase can easily become a bar cart and will be a very functional piece! The item is placed on casters and handles are added to use the top of the shelf as a tray to serve when needed.

This DIY gradient bar cart was made from an Ikea plant stand! All it took was a little bit of spray paint and clear shellac sealant to turn the simple Ikea stand into the perfect summer bar cart. Such a colorful piece will stand out at all parties and add a fun feeling to your room.

A tray can be turned into a nice bar! This project is all about spray painting – gold for the legs and pink for the tabletop (although you can choose other colors). Always follow the directions on the back of the can and always use spray paint outdoors. Customize it with decorations and accessories to completely customize your bar.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to turn the MULIG shelf into a cool bar. The whole project revolves around spray painting and applying contact paper – nothing really difficult, any beginner can do that. Press down on the paper to avoid air bubbles when attaching the contact paper.

Bar carts have made a big comeback, and this tutorial will teach you how to make one from an IKEA dresser. The piece is stained with a dark stain (choose any stain you like), and since there are some drawers that you have enough space to store everything you need – from glasses to bottles. Such a home bar is unusual in that it is not a bar cart but it looks very cool!

IKEA Tarva dresser can become a beautiful and creative home bar! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to give it a spray paint, switch handles, and put it on casters so the part can be conveniently stored and transported anywhere – outside and back inside, or in different rooms.

Ikea’s kitchen cart is a perfect bar cart if you hack it a little. If its color doesn’t suit your space, you can just spray it and enjoy the look! Add an intricate glass carafe to make the top level a little more elegant. It brings the right amount of pomp and circumstance, but is also great for serving special spirits.

Molger Cart in Light Birch is a basis of this cart craft. With just two cans of spray paint and a few accents from the local hardware store, this little DIY cart looks great and has received tons of compliments. Make sure it has wheels, or you can add a few so that this little cart can roll into any room or outside on the patio all season!

Are you looking for an easy way to add fun space in your home without adding square feet or breaking the bank? Customize an off-the-shelf kitchen cart with paint, stains, and accessories to create a unique bar cart that suits your style and does justice to guests. Put it in the dining room or living room to encourage self-service. If the guests have not been there for a long time, use it as additional preparation and storage space in the kitchen or simply roll it away!

If you have an old bike with wheels, or just a few bike wheels, it's high time you started using them again! You won't believe it, but you can turn old bike wheels into lots of fun and cool things. Check out these crafts and get inspired!


Make this recycled bike wheel wreath with an old bike wheel and some fake flowers from the dollar store. Lace everything up with some floral wire and some hot glue and you have a unique spring wreath. Choose bright flowers of all colors, textural green and such a wreath will make you happy for a long time, as fake flowers will last a long time. You can also use fresh flowers and lots of green, though it won't last long.

Turn an old bicycle wheel into a decorative wreath! This is a really quick DIY and it will take you a morning to do. It would be a great DIY for weddings. So, if you know brides, please share this with them. Go for quality fake blooms and lots of greens or get some fresh ones - it's great for a wedding. Read the tutorial and get inspired!

Spring is here, celebrate it! Transform an old bicycle wheel with metallic flowers and colorful rhinestones into a fantastic front decor and add garlands or banners that you like. Pick the shades you want and add all the details and decorations that will suit your front door and porch. Enjoy!

There are so many fun things to do with a bicycle bike and this is just one of them. This is a departure from a regular wreath and a great idea for any room. Decorate your wheel with fake flowers and ribbons, or go to skeletons and skulls for Halloween or something else you like. Get inspired!


This is a beautiful industrial bicycle wheel and light bulb chandelier - a hot trend right now. Hang a bike wheel on chains and add any bulbs or lights you like - that's it, and this decoration will add an amazing accent to your room. Industrial decor brings an advantage!

Do you have an old bicycle rim around your house? Are you a bicycle enthusiast looking for a new decor for your ceiling? Why not make a chandelier out of an old bicycle rim? This tutorial will give you a simple and cool single bulb chandelier with a strong industrial feel. Read the in-depth tutorial and enjoy making the piece.

Here's another bold industrial decoration - an old bicycle chandelier with chains. All you need is a bike wheel and loads of bike chain, trailer cord, and some chandelier hardware to make this piece of industry. Such a great industrial looking piece and not a bad way to reuse old bike gear. When you have even better chains! If you want to hang this on the ceiling there are a number of great tutorials online on how to install it versus using the plug that came with the cable.

This is a fun idea from a bicycle wheel light. This project is nothing more than a template to let your imagination run wild. This chandelier uses bicycle wheels as a base, with various decorations and lights that can illuminate any room with character. These instructions were written according to this design, but there is no need to follow them in any way - create your own beautiful piece!


An old bike in a new watch? Yes, please! It's really simple and a great focal point for the room! The numbers are attached to the wall and a clockwork is placed in the wheel. Such a piece will be a nice and fun touch in a kids room, although an adult room will be more capricious with it too.

Turn a bicycle wheel into a beautiful and fun wall clock! A blackboard wall accentuates your watch even more with color and texture. Add Roman numerals - or whatever else you like, even some pictures. Hang a clock from a bicycle wheel on it - this is a beautiful decoration for your room. Read the tutorial for more details!

Other ideas

How to make a fun and moody cell phone for a kindergarten Hang up an old bicycle wheel and hang some cardboard cutouts on it, and you're there - a cool phone is ready! You can spray paint the wheel and hang decorations or pictures on the wheel. It's up to you and the kindergarten style. Get inspired!

I totally love this calendar as it is a chalkboard and consists of a bicycle wheel! I love the idea of ​​combining these things and creativity - you can chalk anything you want on the blackboard pieces. Check out how to create such a stylish and relaxed calendar and create one for your space.

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