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diy ikea alex ekby hacks

diy ikea alex ekby hacks

The IKEA Alex drawer unit is a piece with a clean look that is easy to like and mixes with other styles, either on a desk or standing on its own. The back is done so you can place it in the middle of the room – all the sides are just as beautiful. An IKEA Alex Ekby shelf has a few drawers and is very elegant and contemporary. Both parts have drawers with the same appearance. Today we’re hacking them all!

IKEA Alex Hacks

Did you know that two IKEA Alex drawer units and a wooden board can be turned into a very practical, contemporary desk? Such a desk offers a lot of space for your things due to the drawer units and makes your work easier with a large table top. Find out how to make and create this simple and practical desk out of IKEA Alex parts!

Here’s a sad fact that you’ve probably already noticed that you’ve ever looked in the market for a new desk … they’re expensive! This Ikea Desk Hack is simple, beautiful, and way cheaper than what you can find in stores with stylish desks! It’s a piece that includes IKEA Alex drawers and a Barkaboda kitchen counter that looks very stylish. The author preferred the black Alex, but you can try any color that will suit your room.

Here’s another tutorial with IKEA Alex drawer units, and it’s very simple: two pieces and an IKEA Linnmon table top that fits them perfectly. All items have been taken in white, the end result looks very minimalist and very chic, and it can also be used as a vanity if you want. Read the easy tutorial and make your own cool desk or vanity. Have fun!

This DIY Ikea ALEX vanity unit creates a really nice, well-lit, comfortable and organized environment. This post will show you how to put the Ikea ALEX vanity together, with step-by-step instructions and information on other alternative vanity options and accessories. Read how you can do it and improve your everyday life with its chic look!

The Alex drawer units have become ubiquitous in the beauty guru community – you’ll see them in almost every beauty room from here to the moon! The Alex drawer units (both the 5-drawer unit and the 9-drawer unit) are so popular because the sleek drawers are perfect for storing all those little makeup items – basically you get more drawers for your buck as if you just bought a regular dresser or file cabinet. The authors of this tutorial made this highboy or printer cabinet with many drawers by disguising two Alex 9 drawer units! Read the tutorial and make your own.

If you need a bigger desk, you can build an L-shaped drawer unit from Alex! This tutorial includes two Linnmon table tops in white, six Godvin legs in white, and an Alex drawer unit. The result is a stylish and large desk that makes your work very comfortable and cool. Enjoy!

Update your Alex drawer unit with nautical charts! Such a craft is a cool idea for a travel-themed space or just to show off your wanderlust. The tutorial is very simple – just stick the charts on the piece and voila! It’s also a great idea for a kids room, get inspired!

The Alex drawer unit comes with casters which are not cool for some rooms. If you don’t like this look, you can make the item more stable and add legs. In this tutorial you will learn how to place Alex drawer units on legs and remove the casters. Let yourself be inspired and tinker!

Alex Ekby hacks

Can you imagine an Alex Ekby shelf turned into a desk? I can! Alex Ekby can be a nice, sleek desk or vanity – cover it with wood and add hairpin legs. The main advantage of having a piece like this is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s a great idea for tight houses. Get inspired!

Have you ever tried to do things while standing? In other words, wouldn’t you like to have an IKEA standing desk in your house so you can better focus on the task at hand, burn calories while maintaining a nice posture? Here’s a cool IKEA hack – it’s a standing desk with an IKEA Alex Ekby shelf. Read the tutorial and make this healthy piece!

Leather is a great material that can add class and texture to any room easily and effortlessly. We have already shared some decoration ideas and furniture made of leather and faux leather. Today I want to share some simpler and smaller leather accessories for those of you who don't want to spend a lot of time crafting. Let's look at some leather coasters. Here you will find various ideas, from coasters made of metal and marble to simple cutouts and applications. Let us begin!

This easy crochet gift can be made in under an hour and is a perfect DIY gift for him. Make these coasters for Father's Day, Christmas, or just for yourself! I also think cool leather coasters with crocheted hems are great for any kitchen: they look boho-chic, and the bohemian style is now very popular for home decor.

Add a floral touch to your room with these cool black floral coasters! In this tutorial, you will learn how to stencil and cut out some black leather coasters and then use a silver or white pencil to paint flowers on the coasters. It doesn't take much time to make, and thanks to the black and white color scheme, it goes well with many kitchens, especially modern and minimalist ones. Let yourself be inspired!

Bring a touch of color to your space with these bold and bright coasters. They are made with alcohol-based inks and a gold pen to highlight the edges of the coasters. Rubbing in alcohol will help you create bold watercolors effect coasters. You sure are brave and amazing. Make them as gifts for anyone or for yourself and enjoy your drinks!

Mix the materials to make super cool and bold coasters! Grab some dark faux leather and burlap and mix them up for chic coasters. The synthetic leather looks super cool and is easy to wipe off. The burlap fringes are sure to make them a bit rustic and boho and give them a special charm. Create a unique and bright pack of coasters and make someone or yourself happy with them.

Add bright colors and patterns to your room with bold coasters. Faux leather is freshened up with some acrylics to create a marble effect, and what I really like about water marbling is that each section of the marble color looks different. While some of these coasters have been dipped in the same marbled color, the looks are completely different from each other. Get inspired!

Make some simple cardboard or cork coasters bolder and cooler with faux leather. The coasters are decorated with faux leather in two colors - gold and white, or you can try other colors. Create a cool geometric pattern on the coasters to make them bold and trendy. Geometry never goes out of style, let yourself be inspired!

Metallic accents are always cool for home decor, they are timeless. In this tutorial, you will learn how to spice up common brown faux leather coasters with gold glitter. Use some tape to tape off the coasters, then add gold glitter to create a cool pattern of your choice. The contrast is sure to make the coasters bright and amazing, they will make a great gift or just a great accessory for any home.

These marble coasters are a great idea for any room. They have a trendy pattern yet are neutral enough to fit in most rooms. If you fancy bold colors, go for lighter shades with the same pattern. Read the tutorial to make a whole pack of these cuties.

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