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DIY heart made of wooden discs |  GLOBE BUILDING MARKET
diy valentines day ornaments

DIY heart made of wooden discs | GLOBE BUILDING MARKET diy valentines day ornaments

Would you like to give your sweetheart a unique gift for Valentine’s Day or simply decorate your apartment romantically? With our DIY instructions you can transform real birch trunks with a little manual skill into a rustic decoration that makes hearts beat faster. 💟 diy valentines day ornaments

If you want to decorate your home for Valentine's Day when you have a Valentine's Day tree, some cool ornaments are very timely - don't remove your Christmas tree, just change the decor! We've put together some cool DIYs to make, take a look, choose, and craft pieces such awesome!

Make your Valentine's Day tree or your home bright and fun with these cool border ornaments. These include mint, gold, blush, and polka dot sections that make them look cool, bright, and fun. The idea is simple: you take clear glass ornaments and cover them with strips of paper to make them great. Go to the source for detailed instruction.

Take some leftover frosted glass ornaments from Christmas and decorate Valentine's Day happily! Cover the Christmas ornaments with bright and colorful glitter and add patterns with ordinary duct tape - this will be a fun decoration solution for your home. Go all the bright colors and make your Valentine's Day party wow!

This is a cool last minute craft for Valentine's Day! If you forgot to make some decorations, just take some plywood hearts and cover them with light-colored duct tape - any color you like. You can use one color for a heart or multiple colors for each heart. It's up to you and the look you want to achieve.

Pink flamingos are cute and cool, they are lovely to use for valentines day decor. These are fun 3D pink paper flamingos with eyes and legs - all the details included! There is a free pattern to download and you can use it to make as many parts as you want. Decorate your place or your trees with flamingos and Happy Valentine's Day!

These large and bright Valentine's Day ornaments can be used to decorate a tree, branches, your home, and anything else you wish. They are made from plywood hearts in two sizes - you can attach smaller ones to larger ones and paint them in contrasting colors. Matching colors are welcome too, and you can add glitter to personalize the hearts with them.

Make some light pink and red folded paper hearts for Valentine's Day decor of any kind! This is another last minute craft - you just take colored paper and fold it into pleated hearts. Secure the hearts and add string to hang and decorate your tree or branches with. These hearts can also be used to send notes about them.

These fun yarn hearts can be used as ornaments or you can make some garlands out of them. You will need yarn and cornstarch glue to give the hearts their unique shapes and looks. Invite your kids to make these fun ornaments together and have fun crafting!

String art is very popular and it is a cool idea to make such an ornament for Valentine's Day. Take plywood hearts and red or pink thread and create string art right on it! The idea is pretty simple and the result is very spectacular, ideal for decorating your home for Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

These creative decorations are not only suitable for Valentine's Day but also for Christmas and are cute and pastel colors. The idea is simple: you take some yarn, shape ornaments and put them in jars with borax so that they get frosty and keep their shape. Read the tutorial to find out how to make them.

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