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diy headboards

A headboard can make a bold statement in any bedroom, it can accentuate the decor style and colors you use. If your bed doesn’t have a headboard or doesn’t match your space, you can make one yourself. Here are some easy tutorials to help you create a bold and creative headboard. Let yourself be inspired!

The first project is technically not a headboard, but a piece of art on the wall, although we can also call it a headboard as it is right above the bed. Everything from hexagons to triangles has become popular in recent years, and you will see them all in the resulting art. I’m a bit obsessed with the shapes and colors and I hope you get obsessed too, enjoy yourself!

String works of art are now very popular. So why not turn your headboard into a string piece of art? Such a headboard is a good idea for a minimalist, Scandinavian or just modern bedroom, and you can vary the color of the strings used. You can either attach the headboard directly to the wall or to your bed frame. Have fun!

Color blocking is a very trendy idea to add color to your space and of course you can implement it anywhere you want, including in bedrooms. This lacquered colored plywood headboard is a fun idea to add a pop of color to your bedroom space and it is very easy to make. Vary the colors to your liking and make your bedroom trendy and bright!

Vintage frames add a sophisticated feel to any room no matter how you use them. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to upcycle a frame into a headboard – it’s very quick and easy to create! Such a gorgeous and exquisite headboard will add sophistication to your bedroom. When the part is ready, put the headboard where you want it and press the bed against it. If the headboard sits too low, stand the SUVs on the ground and place the headboard on top.

You can make a DIY headboard out of almost any decorative wall panel. Take some measurements and attach the panels to the wall at the head of your bed. This headboard DIY project is easy to complete, can be installed in less than an hour, and is affordable! You can also paint the panels however you like if you want to add a touch of color to the bedroom.

If you’ve gotten into the cozy, ornate look of fluffy, woven wool roving projects – but keeping the warp and weft threads in mind makes you dive for the blankets – then we have the perfect project for you. This DIY headboard swaps out a loom for a strategically cut piece of canvas, meaning any aspiring fiber artist can pull off this soft and squishy statement piece – even without prior weaving experience.

This pretty and colorful headboard is made with MDF cutouts and vintage flower petals. It makes your bedroom bright, chic, and a bit vintage, and such a headboard can be styled and redesigned as many times as you want – just change the fabric under the panels.

If you need a headboard idea with a relaxed and modern feel, here is a proper tutorial! In this project, we will teach you how to make a cool modern headboard with pillows that will make reading in bed very comfortable. I love the combination of jeans pillows, a copper holder, and leather loops if you do too – just go to the source to make them.

If you are a fan of fast food and you can't live without this tasty but not very healthy food, I know of a great solution! Make some burgers or sliders yourself, using only quality ingredients and healthy sauces. Today I am sharing some of the coolest recipes, they are as healthy as possible for this type of food and they also go well with a party like Memorial Day or 4th of July.

These Mediterranean Portobello beef burgers are a healthy grill recipe - topped with garlic and herb cheese, roasted paprika, rocket and basil mayonnaise. There are a bit more veggies in the patties so they're healthier than your traditional burger and actually a lot juicer.

Nobody needs an introduction to burgers and there isn't much to be said about it. This is just your classic veggie burger with a lot of goodness inside - oats and lots of veggies. Have we just made burgers really healthy?

This is a homemade black burger bun filled with droolable crispy fried oyster mushrooms and flavorful eggplant. Crispy, fleshy, but not fleshy, fried oyster mushrooms and silky, flavorful eggplants cooked with garlic, ginger and a touch of sesame oil are complemented with fresh coriander and red onions.

Chicken Burger, the name is sure to tingle hunger pangs among children. To make a rich meal out of it, a juicy piece of chicken is wrapped with sliced ​​onions, lettuce, sauces, etc. Read how you can make such a burger yourself!

These black bean baked oat burgers are filled with heart-healthy ingredients, oil-free and stick together perfectly. They can also be frozen ahead of time for a quick midweek dinner. What a great solution!

Who doesn't love a good burger? The falafel burger should be lightly fried in oil before going into the oven. Still, I think this burger is one of the healthy foods. Read all of the instructions on how to do it.

Tired of reading 500-ingredient 2-hour quinoa burger recipes? Welcome to this healthy 30-minute quinoa burger recipe. Red lentils, quinoa, a few spices and you're good! Read how it's done and be sure - you won't find a healthier recipe!

These rich and meaty suckers will get through for you on a hot spring day when the burger cravings arise. Rich, meaty, and mushroom-like with a dash of smoky BBQ sauce to keep them fresh off the grill satisfactorily. The ingredients list is minimal, yes, but the taste is amazing. Spoon them with some caramelized onions, a dash of mayonnaise, and extra BBQ sauce. Or the heck put mustard and enjoy that thing I don't know how you like your burger.

When you've had enough of dried out tasteless burgers, you're doing them all wrong. A good burger doesn't have to be complicated. Do you know what ingredients you need for a good burger? Ground beef and sea salt, that's it. Don't go overboard when seasoning, you don't need an egg or other fancy ingredients, a beef burger should taste like a beef burger.

Say goodbye to your regular beef burger and say hello to this delicious flavorful bean burger. Pineapple, spinach, sautéed onions and barbecue sauce lie between the rolls. It's the perfect combination of sweet and savory.

Look how hearty these things are! They're filled with sauteed mushrooms, onions, toasted pecans, oats, and quinoa. And some cheddar and barbecue sauce. You could even add an extra layer of melting hot cheddar.

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