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diy hampers laundry baskets

diy hampers laundry baskets

A laundry basket or laundry basket is a piece that is necessary for every home. We all have dirty laundry from time to time. Some of us build such pieces into a dresser, but not everyone has a spare part on hand or space for an entire dresser. If you don’t have it, you can go for a separate basket, but who said a piece like this should be ugly? We have prepared some ideas to build a new and modern basket that doesn’t spoil the interior, or even to renovate an old one so that no one would believe that it used to be an old wreck. Here are some ideas to help you craft a piece that won’t cause eye pain.


An old plastic basket can easily be turned into a fantastic glamor piece suitable for a girlish space. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make it glamorous pink with some letters – stencil whatever you’d like to make the basket perfect. Get inspired to create a glamorous look or boldly choose other colors to match your space – everything is welcome here! The modern and cool look is guaranteed especially with graphics.


Who wants a boring old laundry basket when you can have a fancy one with chevrons? This simple laundry basket was stenciled to achieve that chevron style and see how much cooler it got! The tutorial is very simple and doesn’t take much time. Let yourself be inspired!

Give your usual baskets a very bold and modern look with this tutorial! These are ordinary baskets that have been painted and stenciled in pastel colors to give them a cool and bold modern look. What I like are the funny quotes on each of them. They make the baskets a lot cooler. How the look? Do it!

These simple baskets are kept more laconic with the usual color, but still look a lot bolder and modern that way. How do you achieve this look? Light! Apply some duct tape and paint the top or bottom of the basket to give it a fresher look. The color can be different, it’s entirely up to you, but I would recommend something bold and contrasting. Enjoy!


If you don’t have a lot of space, make a hanging basket to save space. This tutorial will give you some instructions on how to make it: You will need an embroidery hoop and fabric for the sack. Read how to do anything and make a convenient and mobile basket.

This basket is basically not made of fabric, but it uses rope so I decided to include the piece here, plus it looks cool. The whole basket consists of a usual box and rope that was later painted with an ombre effect. Here the writers wanted a girly look, so they used pink, but you can go for any other color you like.

This project involves enough sewing, but in the end you will make a cool printed fabric laundry basket. The piece has handles so that in addition to laying it on the floor, you can hang it wherever you want. Find the fabric you like and sew a perfect basket!

This basket is not just made of fabric, it contains a piece of wire first and then some fabric that you will be sewing. Find an old wire basket and spruce it up with a brightly colored and strong piece of cloth. Read how to make the fabric and renovate your old basket. Note: your pets may also like this piece. So be ready to see her sleep.

Wine bottles can be a great material for crafts of various kinds, they can be turned into many things. Let's see what you can do with it for interior design.

First of all, wine bottles are perfect for turning into vases - they have all the necessary properties, you just need to decorate them a little. Chalk the wine bottles with chalk and write or draw something on them. An idea like this is great for weddings where you need table numbers. Write them on the bottles.

Paint the bottles or spray them different colors and patterns to make a perfect set of vases for your occasion or just to decorate the table. These tutorials will show you how to decorate them in detail.

Wrapping the bottles is another way to make a cool vase. Take the string and glue and wrap the bottles with it and you get some great rustic vases.

Don't decorate the bottles, just attach them to the walls for cool wall vases. They don't take up much space and you get a refreshing decor by putting flowers in them.

An indoor or outdoor herb garden can easily be created with wine bottles. Cut them, plant whatever you want, and wire them to hang in the shapes you want. Decorating the bottles or the wire is up to you.

Make decorations out of wine bottles, paint them and write or draw something on them. You can paint them with chalk, paint them in white, pastel or any other color, write a sentence or a word and use them to decorate your kitchen or dining room.

Wine bottles can contain LED lights and turn into simple and cool lamps or lights. You can use them for Christmas or other holidays, or just when you need romantic lights.

Do you need candle holders? Cut, paint or glitter wine bottles to your liking and voila, you have it!

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