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diy halloween glassware barware

diy halloween glassware barware

Halloween is always about fun parties and creative costumes. When you are throwing a party, you need a lot of stylish or whimsy or scary decor, delicious food and drink, and some extra touches – attention to detail is important. One of those important details is barware and glasses that add to the ambiance of your party. Decorate it permanently or temporarily with these tutorials – there are plenty of ideas for everyone!

Give your black wine glasses a touch of glamor! In this tutorial, we will teach you how to decorate them with rhinestones and white paints – paint a cobweb, spider, ghost, skeleton and anything else you want and decorate the glass with sparkling sequins, pearls and rhinestones. Also add funny quotes if you feel like it. Read the project to find out how to do that.

What I love is stylish and not crazy Halloween decor that is usually seen at adult parties with a modern and minimalist style. If you are planning one, this tutorial is for you – these are perfect wine glasses with gold decals and some fun quotes – no spiders, no ghosts, nothing, just stylish and funny words, perfect for a classy adult party or a girls night out outside on Halloween. Get inspired!

Who needs the usual wine glass tag when you can have adhesives? They are more comfortable and complement the Halloween decor. These are cut out of silver glitter paper, these are bats, masks, spiders and other things – cut out whatever you want for Halloween. When Halloween is over, you can remove the decals and continue using them as normal.

Make some creepy, bloody glasses to serve up Halloween cocktails! This tutorial will teach you how to make red sugar syrup, decorate your glasses, and make it bold. Add vampire gums around the edges to make the decor cooler and bolder, and surprise your guests with these glasses and delicious and scary cocktails.

Here is another version of bloody jars, but this blood cannot be removed that easily because it is made with acrylic paints. Make as many as you want with red paint and surprise everyone with these glasses and cocktails – even water with lemon looks unusual and bold in such glasses! Read the tutorial to find out how to make those bloody glasses look so pretty.

No time to decorate? In need of a cool last minute craft to spice up your glass or barware? Then, take some black tape and make the glasses bolder, creating cobwebs on their sides – so cool and so bold! Even orange and pumpkin juice look bold and super tasty in such unique glasses, and they won’t take a lot of time or effort.

These are not glasses, but cups, although the craft is also suitable for glasses. These are black decals that feature jack-o-lantern faces, although of course you can choose anything else you like – spiders, snakes, skeletal hands, skulls, bats, and other things. When Halloween is over, just remove the decals and wash the glasses. Enjoy!

If you use a pitcher, why not decorate it too? This funny mug is decorated with a black skeleton hand. It can be detachable or common and fits both adults and children. Read the tutorial to find out how to make a mug like this and enjoy!

If you want to freshen up your bathroom for spring or add a natural feel to the room anytime, greenery and blooms are the best way to do it. There's nothing more springtime than greens and flowers, so adding them to your bathroom is a cool idea. Here are some options.

Living walls

Wall units are a hot decor trend that can be incorporated into your bathroom decor for a stylish look. The wall can be in the sink area, in the shower or in the bathtub - the more lush it looks, the stronger the effect. If you want a low-maintenance option, go for a moss wall, which is still very refreshing.

Pot green

Pot green is a chic and easy idea for any bathroom - it's a lot easier to add than it is to make an entire living wall. Hang it over the bathtub to freshen up the space, put potted greens around the bathtub and turn your bathroom into an oasis. If you have a shelf or a few shelves, these can be used to display potted greenery. Use your bathtub shelf or tub to place some potted cacti and succulents for a desert feel.

Flower arrangements

Fresh flower arrangements are ideal for making your bathroom very airy, fresh and spring-like. Consider the style of your bathroom and add the blooms you want: a large king protea, some lily of the valley, some lilac, or anything else you want. Of course, you will have to change them quite often, but you will enjoy the special feeling and your bathroom will be like a spa. Tillandsia in your shower is an amazing idea: it doesn't require a floor which makes it a very clean idea, and it comes to life thanks to shower water.

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