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diy guys sunglasses cases

diy guys sunglasses cases

We’ve already shared some super glamorous and colorful cases of girly sunglasses that girls usually love, but okay some guys may love them too. Today I want to stick to more masculine designs of sunglasses cases that are actually unisex but are loved by men and look absolutely human. Why do I call them humane? They are mostly designed in a minimalist way and are made of leather or suede. They have no glitter or bows so anyone can take one with them. Let’s take a look at what you can do.

Leather bags

These super stylish cases are made from brown leather and can be freshened up with a Cricut machine or left untouched if you wish. The parts are secured with a leather belt, and you can add a tassel for a boho look or skip this step. I really like the detail version that looks boho and wild. Boho chic is the most popular style now.

This case is made of faux leather and is super chic. The piece is made of brown leather and is lined with gray felt which creates a cool and soft contrast. However, you can vary the colors and make it more contrasting or even more subtle. The piece is also secured with a leather belt, and these large stitches give it a manly feel.

Here’s a leather sleeve bag to slip your sunglasses into. It’s sleek and low-key, and the structure of the leather helps hold its shape while keeping the bulk very minimal. Make it black or any other base color to make it look even more modern. The only downside is that the case doesn’t have a cover or lid, but you can add some yourself, get inspired!

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to make simple and easy leather sunglasses from the leather of your choice. You can also add a contrasting lining for a more chic look, or keep it as is without lining. Such a simple sunglasses bag is what you need to protect the stylish sunglasses, get inspiration and make one or more for all of your accessories.

Here is another pair of leather sunglasses, this time they are quite bright as the leather you choose is metallic, although you can opt for other ideas. Add a black leather cord, with or without a tassel, to secure the piece. In fact, such a case is not only suitable for sunglasses, but also for keys and other small items to keep everything in order in your pocket. Enjoy!

This leather pouch is very convenient to use as it has a screw or button to close the pouch and keep your glasses inside. It’s made of brown leather with a metallic touch, but you can keep it in whatever leather type and color you like depending on the style and colors the person likes. What a perfect piece to protect your trendy sunglasses!

Give your look a light boho and tribal feel with these fantastic leather bags with sunglasses! They’re made from brown leather, have some stem-inspired stencils, and big colorful stitching around the edge that make them so special. If you don’t want to use leather or suede, keep it on vinyl or whatever material you have on hand.

These amazing leather bags will make a fantastic gift for everyone! They are made of leather in different colors, are closed with buttons and decorated with laser etching and stamps. The point is, you need some basic leather working skills to get such a result, but you should give it a try – just look at these amazing cases, they are worth it!

Cloth case

These sunglasses have a special shape and a cool fabric – cork fabric. Sew a stylish DIY bag using a free pattern given in the tutorial! It is quick to sew and offers optimal protection for your glasses, even the largest ones or glasses with a very special shape – this bag fits!

Denim is a classic, and sewing a piece of it means making it timeless. This sunglasses cover is made of fabric that looks very much like navy denim and is decorated with colorful stitching. However, if you are not into embroidery, you can skip this idea. Get inspired!

I absolutely love this sunglasses case because of its vintage car print – it looks incredibly stylish and interesting and makes a very elegant gift for anyone. The piece is made of simple cotton fabric and transfer paper, which creates each picture, and can be closed with a zipper. Such a pouch is great for anything you want, not just sunglasses.

This cover is sewn from leather, which is very reminiscent of leather. It has a nautical style: a white case with blue stripes is a timeless idea for going to the sea! Such a bag will be loved by both girls and men who love nautical mood or who are about to go on vacation. Very cool!

Gingerbread is traditional for Christmas, it's so great to have a cup of tea or coffee with it! However, gingerbread is not just for food, it can also be used as a decoration, although not everyone is good at cooking and not everyone is ready to spend some time baking them. Don't worry, you can easily make some gingerbread inspired things and decorations without cooking, from different materials and using different techniques.

The first craft is a fun gingerbread Christmas gift tag for those who love to sew! The piece perfectly imitates a biscuit and looks super cute, everyone will be happy to receive a gift with it!

Are you ready for a Christmas party? Make a cool gingerbread man piñata to surprise and delight your guests! This piece consists of a cardboard box and some colored paper. Read the full tutorial in the source.

This gingerbread house ornament is so stunning! It requires embroidery and sewing so get ready if you want to get some amazing embellishment.

Gingerbread houses are fun, but all too often they are temporary because they're made with real gingerbread, frosting, and candy. If you are looking for a Christmas village made of gingerbread houses but that you can bring out every year, this tutorial is for you! It's not uncommon to turn an empty milk carton into a gingerbread house. Kids do it all the time and you can invite them to create this cute village together!

Coasters are a cool accessory for every kitchen and not just - we all drink hot tea or coffee every day. These gingerbread coasters will remind you of Christmas and can become a cool gift for the New Year.

Do you need a creative gift box? Make a cool gingerbread box out of cardboard and decorate it with a white felt pen or even paint it on.

Gingerbread ornaments are typical and traditional for Christmas and delicious! If you don't want to make foodie ornaments as they can be easily destroyed or spoiled, let's make felt jewelry.

This advent calendar consists of normal cardboard and is decorated with white paint. Looks like real gingerbread!

Your cat wants to celebrate too! Make a cool ginger bread inspired cat toy out of soft felt and fill it with a catnip or other.

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