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diy girls sunglasses cases

diy girls sunglasses cases

In the summer I don’t go out without sunglasses, but then the sun disappears and you have to put it somewhere. A sunglasses case is a necessary part to protect your chic sunglasses from scratches and to keep the glasses safe. It also makes it easy to find your sunglasses in a large bag. If you have a case that you don’t like or don’t have at all, it’s high time to do one! Today’s recap is devoted to the cases of girls, guys, don’t be offended, your time will come too.

Glam cases

The first piece I’m going to share today is bright, glamorous sunglasses made of metallic iridescent fabric, and they look glamorous like no other! It doesn’t take long to sew and the result is quite stylish. I am sure you will like it. Such glamorous sunglasses will make your stylish accessory look even more luxurious and add shine to your look.

Oh my god this is the cutest sunglasses case I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to make it for myself. Just imagine: this is a black and white graphic piece that opens up to form a pink heart! So cute! Obviously, you should pick a color combination that you love and that suits your personality, but I’ll keep it that way. Not only does such a case add cuteness to your style, but it also makes a great gift for any girl and makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Get inspired!

There is nothing more girlish than a lipstick, and this lipstick sunglasses case is sure to become one of your favorite accessories! It is practically not sewn and decorated with pieces of felt that are glued in place to keep it in your pocket or car. Do one in about 15 minutes and slip into a pair of sunglasses for cute but simple sunglasses! What a great piece to do with your girls!

Delicious desserts are always welcome! Even when it comes to accessories like this one – sunglasses cases made of colorful felt that perfectly imitate delicious donuts. I’m not going to say that they will keep your sunglasses super safe, but they look super cute and are great for summer. This is a perfect gift for any girl or holiday – everyone loves delicious donuts!

And here are some more brightly shimmering sunglasses cases in pink and gold! This border will make them super fun and interesting. I bet most of the girls will like the idea, and the bright iridescent colors are sure to delight your cases. Making them isn’t difficult at all, and if you need a last minute gift for a girl, this is it.

These simple covers are great for summer – they are made from brightly printed fabric and matching embellishments to add a colorful touch. You can choose anything you want from geometry to flowers and make several for different sunglasses or give them to your girls. It doesn’t take long to sew. So if you urgently need a suitcase, go for it!

These super brightly colored sunglasses cases have the creative shape of a pouch with a cut off top. They are made from different fabrics and have a light colored mismatched lining to make them even bolder. I like the contrasting look of these cases and the cool irregular shape, and if you like them too it’s high time you figured out how to make them.

Colorful cases

This bright and funny sunglasses case is inspired by pineapple and looks accordingly: a yellow pouch with a green glitter ribbon – but not very similar, but still very summery! Sewing doesn’t take long, it’s about finding the right fabric for the suitcase. Make it quick and easy and beautify your sunglasses with this colorful case!

This tutorial will show you how to make a pouch of brightly colored sunglasses in three different ways. However, I have to say that a cactus pouch is my favorite. This is a zippered wallet made of green fabric and just a few white threads that imitate burrs. Watch the video tutorial and decide what suits you better. Such a wallet can also be used as a pencil case or just for small things.

Sometimes a little glue and some confetti is all it takes to revive an old item headed for the trash. This old sunglasses case was spiced up with colorful confetti made of normal paper and got a new life and a new, bright summer look. So cool!

What I love about this sunglasses case is its cool and peculiar shape that matches the sunglasses themselves. The case is very compact as it only covers the sunglasses and is made of light blue suede. However, you can choose any suede or leather color that you like. Check out how to do it quickly and protect your sunglasses from scratches.

These colorful sunglasses cases are inspired by ornate mid-century doors in a variety of colors and looks. They are sewn from colorful felt and look really fun. Since the craft is very simple, you can make a lot of it for each day and case. Amazing!

Next month there will be Father's Day and if you want to spoil your father with something very special, I have an idea for you - make delicious cupcakes, crust, brownies or bake a cake for him! It will be an amazing and touching gesture, especially if your dad has a sweet tooth. Here are some recipes you can use.

These cognac brownies are perfect for Father's Day and are aromatic with notes of vanilla and smoke, filled with caramels and garnished with a homemade caramel sauce. These will melt in your mouth and your taste buds will be incredibly happy to experience all of the flavors.

This dark chocolate rind is covered with salted cashew nuts, roasted coconuts and dried currants. This rind is nutty and delicious, but when paired with a sip of this scotch it really pops open in your mouth with a whole new flavor profile. It makes a delicious dessert when paired with delicious whiskey.

These grill cupcakes are easy to put together and perfect for your next barbecue or Father's Day party! Use any small colorful candy to prepare your skewers on your grill.

If your dad is anything like mine, he'd be delighted with a frosty chocolate malt on Father's Day afternoon. His nostalgia for those creamy milkshakes inspired my malted brownies - super rich, super fudgy, super decadent brownies topped with swirls of malted chocolate icing and chocolate malt balls.

This Nutella Freezer Fudge recipe is sure to make the special dads in your life very happy on this Father's Day. The mustache shape is exactly what you need for this fudge. I make these desserts manly, wow!

These wonderfully squiffy babies are made of a cola sponge, hollowed out and filled with a spiced chocolate ganache from Jack Daniels. You'll then be topped with a strudel of Jack Daniels buttercream, followed by more ganache and a jelly-cola bottle. I would recommend these cupcakes for any adult occasion but I can't help but notice how perfect they are for Father's Day, what a coincidence that it's coming next week!

This is a pretty standard pretzel recipe but scaled down because you can only eat / play with so many mustache pretzels. Feel free to play with different mustache shapes, but no blunt Hitler mustaches please.

This adorable rum and raisin cake has really good taste and is topped with a cute edible DAD topper. What else do we need for a dessert for Father's Day? If you love other flavors, you can add them to the cake too.

Moist, cake-like cinnamon scones are topped with melting peanut butter chips and covered with a sweet maple glaze. Smoky bacon adds a hearty contrast that is totally addicting! The thick maple icing sweetens them and then crispy, smoky bacon rounds everything off.

These golf ball truffles and putting green brownies are perfect for the golf lover in your life! Rich, fudgy brownies are topped with "grass" frosting and a delicious white chocolate truffle that looks like a golf ball!

This is a beautiful half-naked cake which is a hot trend and the edible chocolate topper is "Dad, U Rock!". What can be better than this for Father's Day? Make your father happy with it! If you want other words, you can use them in place of these words.

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