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DIY / Freebie ✪ School Child Garland
diy thanksgiving garlands

DIY / Freebie ✪ School Child Garland diy thanksgiving garlands

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it's high time to think about how to decorate the room. The easiest way is to place a couple of pumpkins and hang some garlands and banners around. Garlands and banners are very easy to make and do not take much time. Do you want to see some Here you are!


Create a simple, rustic DIY pumpkin banner perfect for fall with buffalo check burlap and a free template! The string goes so well with the burlap and was perfect for making cute little bows for any pumpkin. The tiny clothespins are perfect for banners because you can use them to move things and attach things quickly and easily.

Are you looking for fun ideas for your fall parties and gatherings? This post is full of decor and food tips, and also includes printables for a cute free fall pumpkin spice party! Not only is there a pumpkin banner, but there are also prints for artwork and even food! Check out how to make them all and make your whole party more fun!

It's time to be thankful and decorate for Thanksgiving dinner. This is a cute and very easy to make Thanksgiving pinecone banner with some pinecones, brightly colored printed fabric and other small supplies. Have fun doing handicrafts and decorate your room at its best with this banner!

This little thank you banner was just the thing to upgrade the house for Thanksgiving. It was quick, easy, free, and best of all, you can throw it away in a couple of weeks. The cool thing is that you can make this Thanksgiving banner from real foliage leaves that you collected in the garden, or you can just buy some fake leaves that will last longer. So easy and so fast!

Sometimes with all those turkeys and cakes, the real meaning of Thanksgiving gets lost a bit. Yes, eating good food and watching football is great, but you just have to look at the name of the holiday to really know what it's about: thank you. Help your children learn this lesson with a simple, fun activity that they can be proud of. Make a banner out of colored paper or cardboard and have your children write what they are grateful for on the parts. So cool, read the tutorial and keep going!

This banner is a very simple idea: a simple Thanksgiving banner made out of brightly printed letters. The tutorial is pretty simple: print out the letters you see in the tutorial and put them on a string, so simple and so cute! This is a great last minute craft for everyone. Print out the letters and hang them on a string. Otherwise nothing is needed!


This garland may seem printable, but it isn't! This is a cool 3D garland made of block letters painted with blackboard paint. You choose letters of your choice that create different garlands and looks, and even prefer bold colors instead of black. Read the tutorial to find out how to deal with these letters and enjoy!

Simple popsicles can be a lovely material to use to make a creative Thanksgiving garland. Stacked together these cool sticks make a great flat canvas that can be used for letters or pictures. Read the tutorial to find out how to stack the sticks together, then write letters on them to create this golden popsicle banner. Get inspiration to add interest to your space!

This project is also great for your children. Go into your yard and collect some lovely fall leaves. If you're not a nature collector, you can use artificial leaves that will last longer than real ones. The garland is decorated with multicolored washi tape, it is very easy and doesn't take much time to make. Get inspired and do one!

DIY garlands can add a special touch to your home during the holidays, especially when you mix the textures of fall into a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving banner that welcomes fall and your guests! Using trendy burlap banners combined with the look of traditional pinecone garlands can teach you how to make a Thanksgiving garland.

What is so amazing about this garland of colorful felt letters? It can be changed throughout the year to display a message that's suitable for whatever occasion you're celebrating! It's a great idea for an eclectic decoration that's always on hand: change it up anytime for the occasion and voila! Read the tutorial on how to create and create one.

Thanksgiving in warm earth tones and a small seed bowl? So cool! This garland contains everything: pine cones, seeds, acorns, pompoms, bells. Get more natural stuff in any store or outdoors and make a super natural Thanksgiving garland out of various catchy stuff!

This garland is more traditional and cozy: it consists of various fake things inspired by autumn, such as acorns, berries, pine cones, leaves and fruits. This garland can be used on a fireplace, shelf, over a window, over a door frame, or on a wall - you don't need a coat. Read How It's Done and Enjoy!

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