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DIY fireplace update on a budget

 fireplaces surrounded with tiles

DIY fireplace update on a budget fireplaces surrounded with tiles

DIY fireplace update on a shoestring .. A friend of mine was renovating her house and the fireplace really needed an update. It was a gas fireplace surrounded by emerald green tiles. The front grille was gold and black. There was also green tiles on the fireplace in front of the fireplace. Step 1: clean I cleaned the front of the fireplace with blue dawn and water. Step 2: remove the grill I removed the gold grill but couldn’t remove the glass. Step 3: fireplaces surrounded with tiles

A fireplace can be clad in many ways and with many materials: concrete, stone, marble, copper, etc. But today we're sharing some ideas to really improve your fireplace cladding - clad it with tiles! Tiles are classics that were a bit out of trend for some time, but now they are back, and this is not surprising - in addition to fulfilling their main function, it particularly highlights the fireplace.

Tiled fireplace walls

A tiled fireplace wall is a nice way to accentuate your living room and fireplace at the same time. Just take tiles that match the colors and style of your room and dress them around the fireplace and up to the ceiling. You can also put some on the floor. This feature gives the room a slight vintage feel and usually doesn't require a mantelpiece to prevent you from enjoying the full look, but you can still make something thin and neutral.

Tiled chimneys

A tiled fireplace is a bold and catchy idea for many spaces, from the farmhouse to the modern one. These tiles allow you to add a bit of color or pattern or both to your room and give the fireplace a big emphasis. Choose something bold or neutral, but patterned and clad around the fireplace. You can also add a wooden frame with a mantelpiece or just a mantelpiece for an airy look. You can cover the floor with the same tiles or you can go for something different and bold. Get inspired!

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