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DIY / EASTER, #DIY #Easter #julepyntdiybarn DIY / EASTER DIY / EASTER ~ turning …
diy spring concrete crafts

DIY / EASTER, #DIY #Easter #julepyntdiybarn DIY / EASTER DIY / EASTER ~ turning … diy spring concrete crafts

DIY / EASTER, #DIY #Easter #julepyntdiybarn DIY / EASTER DIY / EASTER ~ Spring magic with a beautiful hyacinth in a moss ball ~ The hyacinth shines in its magical yellow and thus brings the … #DIY diy spring concrete crafts

Concrete is a modern material that is extremely popular in home and event decor. Today I want to share some fresh modern concrete work for this spring that will make your home more stylish and modern.

Bunnies are a symbol of Easter, and these concrete ones mix two things in one: an egg and a rabbit. I love these copper wire ears! Although it doesn't make sense for a little bunny to sit in a different nest than it has an egg shape. But it still looks cute and not everything has to be logical in the home decor.

This is an Easter-themed craft and just for those who like eggs - a concrete egg holder. Why concrete? Because it's a modern and minimalist material and it's also durable! You can either paint the concrete or leave it unchanged.

More egg crafts for Easter! Here is an egg tray, and I love the hexagon shape and the way this is not just an Easter craft - in fact, you can use this year-round and swap the eggs for round fruit or small decorations.

If you've never had a chance to cook your eggs but are still hoping to squeeze yourself into a crafting session, I have the project for you. With the use of eggs as molds, these cement Easter eggs are surprisingly easy to make in no time and the best part is that they are reusable year after year.

Here are more concrete eggs for Easter decorations! What I love about them is a lace pattern that makes them delicate and if you add a ribbon it will look so cute! Read the tutorial to find out how to make eggs like this.

Do you need cool egg cups? Use a silicone muffin pan and tea lights to create combo votives and egg cups all in one! Such an article is useful not only at Easter, but all year round. Paint them if you want or leave them as they are.

This DIY is a concrete + cylinder vase. It's perfect for your spring arrangements and even for single blooms and gives your home decor a stylish and modern feel. I love the simplicity of this design, especially when paired with rustic details like this cigar box and vintage wood platter.

You can easily transform this modern DIY concrete coaster into different shapes. By placing the concrete bars in different patterns, you're not just changing the look of the coaster. This way you can also adjust the size of the saucer to fit small pots and large pots and pans. In addition, it can be folded up neatly and takes up little space in your kitchen cabinet. It's easier than you think to make good looking concrete bars and drill holes in them without using a drill.

Here's something so cozy and wonderful when you light a few candles and curl up on the couch for a movie. These colorful spring candle holders will make your room cozier. The concrete candle holders are incredibly easy to make. You need a mold and concrete, then just follow the directions on your package to mix them up.

These concrete cake stands or centerpieces with bases that can be changed by simply removing a nut are a great idea for any Spring or Easter celebration! I especially appreciate this because the look can be changed in no time for different occasions, such as: B. seasonal, for a baby shower or for a table landscape with a certain color theme such as for a wedding.

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