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diy doggy coin bank

diy doggy coin bank

Tired of scattered coins everywhere? We have a great idea! Make a piggy bank out of waste material. You don’t even have to buy something new, just don’t throw away an egg carton or can of french fries. A little effort and some acrylic paint, and here you have an excellent money box made with your own hands that not only allows you to keep all the small coins in one place, but can also be an interesting decoration in your interior, in particular it will be suitable for a nursery. And a kid will definitely not only like to make that kid’s handmade item, but also put coins there, it will be tested!

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Video shows how to recycle a Pringles can and get a nice coin bank

I will celebrate your 30th Birthday? We have some ideas for you! Today we're sharing cool ideas to celebrate this date for girls and here I think that some glamor just can't be too much, you just need it! Let's take a look at some great ideas that are going to shine on this day!


The most popular decorating styles are boho-chic, 1920s or just glamorous and sparkling. Whichever style you choose, we strongly recommend that you incorporate glitter and gold tones into the decor: golden sequin tablecloths and table runners, golden pinates and banners. Balloons are a great and very affordable idea. Pick the number one or some other balloons of your choice in gold and pink and use them to decorate the room. Make a photo booth sure you want to remember this day so you need it.


As for treats, go glamorous too! Serve champagne, cocktails and many desserts: chocolate covered strawberries, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and other things. Decorate them with edible glitter, sprinkles, and toppers - numbers, different words and quotes you like. Serve macarons and champagne, make a special cake that expresses you as a personality. This is your day. Get anything you want!

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