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diy decorating projects

diy decorating projects

Here are the coolest DIY decorating projects to use for your home decor that we covered at Shelterness in 2017. By the way, here are last year’s coolest DIY decorating projects.

  • Flamingos are very summery and make us think of the tropics and holidays. You can easily add these colorful and fun birds to your home decor and outdoor areas. Here are some DIY projects to do that.
  • To freshen up your space for summer, you can repaint the walls, reupholster the furniture, or add some colorful wall art pieces. However, there is another super easy way to add summer vibe to your home without breaking the bank and hassle with a few brightly colored pillows.

Summer is in full swing and we all enjoy having fun outside, going to the beaches, and swimming in the ocean and pools. There's nothing more natural than beach and marine decorations, and that's why we're going to build a cool craft dedicated to the sea and its creatures. This is a simple and cute piece of art with popsicles, sea treasures and pebbles, and your kids can make it themselves, maybe with a little help from you. Let's start!

Video shows how to make summer vacation artwork for kids


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