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diy cross stitch decor crafts

diy cross stitch decor crafts

Do you fancy a little cross stitch? If you do, you will love this roundup as we have rounded up the coolest cross stitch crafts for home decor and home décor. Let us begin!


The first craft is a pin cushion that immediately gives it a vintage-inspired feel. The pincushion features printed ribbons, cross stitch roses and a large pink button in the center. If you love to sew, such a pincushion is amazing, and if not, make one for someone who likes it and give it away as a gift. Enjoy!

An ordinary regular grid office storage piece can be made bold and cool with a little spray paint and cross stitch. Take a suitable metal or plastic basket, spray it on if necessary, and add cross-stitch flowers or other images that you like. Read the tutorial to find out how to do that.

Mesh desk accessories are great for sewing, they seem to scream. Take mesh accessories and spray them up if you want and add a colorful cross stitch pattern to the accessories to make the accessories look amazing.

A very simple and simple wooden frame can be turned into a colorful and fun piece for your photos! Take a drill press, drill holes in the frame for sewing, and use colored thread to add patterns. Go for the patterns and looks you like and enjoy the bold look – just what we need for spring, right?

If you live in a vintage home with some designs, this craft is exactly what you need. This is a cross stitch design exclusion. Take canvas and download colorful letter patterns to cross them. Don’t forget to fill these long pillows with wool to avoid the cold!

Here’s another similar idea – it’s a doorstop! This is a patchwork doorstop decorated with cross stitches. There is a cross-stitch monogram on one side of the doorstop, or you can add it on two sides, for example. The rest is taken up with colorful patchwork. If you like the idea, go to the source.

I love this brightly colored cross stitch pillow with pompom trim. Cross stitch the letters you like or a quote – do it with colored thread of any colors you like. Then add pompom trimmings for a funky touch and check out how to make such a pillow in the source.

A nut holder can be turned into a cool and bold lampshade! Make a column lampshade from a can, canvas with cross stitch – choose any pattern or use the one given in the tutorial. Let yourself be inspired and renovate an old lamp!


Make an old chair a bold one and a new one rocking a bold floral seat and a floral stitched backrest. Read the tutorial to find out how to renovate the seat, legs, and frame, and how to cross your back for a cool rose. Enjoy breathing new life into your old piece of furniture!

In this tutorial with a video you will learn how to cross-stitch the furniture: a simple chest has been painted, crossed and some brightly colored pompoms have been added to the handle. The piece is now fun and quirky, great for a bold room or nursery. Impressive!

The chalet decor is a mountain hut style with lots of wood, stone and other natural materials, which means that it is very cozy and very welcoming. When you design a room in such a style, you get a very welcoming space that you never want to leave. A chalet kitchen is a nice place to cook, eat, have conversation and overall cook. How do I design one? Here are a few ideas.

Styles, material and color palettes

Every chalet is about wood and stone, in any interpretation you like. It can be traditional, with more vintage furniture, a large fireplace, stone slabs, and a stone wall. It can be contemporary or minimalist, with sleek cabinets with no handles or knobs, with built-in appliances, and a stylish hood. It can be rough, with lots of rough wood and stone, with all natural decor and design, and of course you can mix up the styles the way you see it.

The color palette is usually quite natural: different shades of wood and stone, you can add concrete, different types of marble and bricks, for example, dark metal. You can also be non-traditional and rock a very bright chalet kitchen to make it feel fresh and flooded with light, or a dark, moody chalet kitchen with a touch of masculine design.

Furniture and appliances

As for furniture, you usually have kitchen cabinets and you can vary to have upper and lower cabinets or just prefer lower ones and rock a large window for a mountain view. A kitchen island may have a dining area - a raised countertop - and can also be used as a dining area. Build in some gadgets or prefer bold ones that go with the style and are fun!

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