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diy crepe paper dandelions

diy crepe paper dandelions

Dandelions are one of the cutest flowers, they do not offer false luxury, but how beautifully they fill the spring streets with warmth and grow here and there! They don’t usually stay in vases for long and wither instantly, while DIY crepe paper dandelions solve this problem. These paper flowers look almost like real ones and are very difficult to tell apart from a distance. Such a bouquet of spring flowers is beautiful in itself; In any simplest vase, it can become a bright decoration of the interior. And if you stimulate your imagination and, for example, attach a vase of dandelions made of crepe paper to a beautiful board, you will get a very cool and unusual wall decoration for the kitchen, made with your own hands.

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Video shows how to make crepe paper dandelions

Most of us have stools and stools at home. These are convenient additional pieces of furniture that can be used for storage and sitting. If you don't have one, or want another one, it's high time to get smart! Make a cool ottoman or ottoman out of an IKEA piece you already have on hand.

The most popular items to use to make an ottoman are lacquer, hemnes, vittsjo tables, and others. They are a perfect base. All you need to do is add some padding, fillings, and possibly spray paint for the legs if that's what you want. You can also put together a new ottoman with IKEA pillow inserts and some fabric you like. A good idea is to turn a cube or stool into an ottoman with storage space. Refurbish your existing ottoman with an IKEA fabric or even a rug. Let yourself be inspired!

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