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diy crate shelves and bookshelves

diy crate shelves and bookshelves

A crate is a large shipping container, often made of wood, and is typically used to transport or store large, heavy items. A wooden box has a self-supporting structure with or without a casing and is ideal for furniture making, as even beginners can work with it. We’ve already shared some DIYs for making furniture out of boxes and today we’re going to add more with box shelves and bookcases which are the easiest craft ever – boxes are made for storage!

Wooden box shelves make for beautiful floating shelves and give you a lot of flexibility in arranging them to arrange them on your wall. Read this tutorial and watch the video to find out how to make these simple floating shelves to save space. Get inspired!

Here is a tutorial that provides step-by-step instructions on how to create and personalize this vintage / bohemian-inspired bookcase. This bookcase can be used in a number of ways: as extra storage space for your kitchen, as a statement piece / more storage space for your bedroom, as a sideboard for your TV (if so, use half of the boxes below) or for anything else what you can imagine!

If your space is pretty small and you need a small piece of storage, this is it! This crate shelf is tall and takes up little space, which saves space. It’s built entirely from boxes and painted purple to match the room decor, but you can choose another color too.

Creates are great for viewing and storing anything you want! This cabinet is made up of boxes that act as drawers and it is a great idea to use for storing tools or for storing beach towels. It’s a good idea for a garage or basement. Read How To Make It And Enjoy!

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind rustic shelf that won’t break the bank? This DIY wooden crate shelf adds character and is fully customizable depending on the color of the stain and the number of crates you choose! The nice thing about this wooden crate shelf is that you can use it as a kid’s room bookcase, but you can also use it in any bedroom, bathroom, living room or office! It’s so versatile and completely customizable depending on the style of your room.

This colorful storage item is made entirely of boxes and features cubbies as drawers! It’s a great way to step into the school area on your own or just create it for your kid’s room, garage, basement, or whatever space you want. It is very convenient to use and you can paint it any color you like. Enjoy!

Make a stylish and simple bookcase out of boxes! Here the author tells you how to make a blue bookcase out of boxes for a vintage feel, although you may use all the colors and stains. It’s a great project, especially for beginners, as there is no need to cut or measure wood. All you have to do is nail the boxes together and you have a shelf!

Wooden boxes are the most sought-after building material for tables and shelves. Its rustic flair is perfect for that vintage chic enthusiast. And thanks to its availability and adaptability, you can convert these boxes into almost any type of furniture you want. Rustic decor can be quite expensive, however. A simple pallet coffee table with storage space costs at least $ 150. For this project, you’re building a pallet end table for under $ 70! Great isn’t it? read!

This is not just a crate shelf, it’s a crate light! The piece consists of an unpainted or stained box and a light bulb. It offers storage space and light at the same time – a perfect piece for a bedroom or any other room where you need light and storage space without losing space. Read the tutorial and do one!

This floating shelf is ideal for a children’s room, but fits easily into any room with a rustic atmosphere. What I totally love is the contrast between the dark cover of the shelf and the white boxes inserted into it, although you can play with colors as you like. Put the boxes in the lid and keep your items. The author didn’t nail or glue the boxes together, but you can if you need to.

Here is a perfect way to convert a wooden box into something functional! The spaces at the back offer plenty of space for cables, so it can be a daily used cart in your office. With just a few minutes and a few supplies, you can make your own wooden crate trolley. Let yourself be inspired and tinker!

This bookcase is made up of boxes that are stained dark and don’t take up much time. Such a piece will be welcomed in many rooms, including children’s rooms, and of course you can use it not only as a bookcase, but also to store other items. Enjoy!

A bench is a must for any outdoor space: it's a durable and comfortable seat that can be used for a variety of purposes. We've already shared some outdoor storage bench tutorials, and today I'd like to share some more ideas, but this time these are planting benches.

A planting bench is a two-in-one bench. It makes it possible to liven up the room a little and to feel more outside because of the greenery and flowers that grow here. It saves space and even if you don't have other pots and planters, it's fine.

This beautiful outdoor cedar bench is an amazing idea to realize, the boxes are attached to the sides of the bench so you can sit comfortably. These aren't planters, but boxes that pots can be placed in, and the boxes are quite large, but you can measure your pots and make them accordingly.

Cinder blocks are a very cool material, they are durable and easy to use. This cinder block bench won't take you much time or effort. Just place the blocks however you want and place blocks for potting greens and flowers wherever you want.

This bench is made from a large wooden beam, it has only been cut out at one end and then stained. The writers set the reels and ten planted some green in the pot cutout. This is a great idea for small and tight spaces.

This is another wooden bench, but here the boxes are thicker and have no cutouts so you can plant directly into them.

The cedar wood for this plant bench costs far less than built teak furniture, but is just as weatherproof. A sturdy construction is to prevent the walls of the planter from bending against the pressure of the roots if you decide to plant trees.

This large wooden bench with planters looks very stable and you can plant directly in these boxes without separate pots.

To make building this 10 foot long bench easier, we designed a tabletop that rests on a pair of oversized ceramic pots. Add plants or trees to enrich the look.

This planter bench offers you additional comfort due to the pillows on it. Simply adjust the spacing between each slat to adjust the depth of the bench yourself. An additional slat can be added or removed if the space becomes too big or too small.

For this garden bench, cut off the two wooden panels of the door on either side and attach the planters according to the instructions in the picture. The planters serve as supports for the garden bench. All you have to do is decorate with plants and that's it!

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