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diy crafts to teach kids alphabet

diy crafts to teach kids alphabet

Do you have young children Sooner or later, you will have to help your child or children learn the alphabet. This is important. How can you help your children do this with fun and without too much effort? Here are some needlework to help memorize the letters, do some!

These fun colorful 3D letters will definitely grab your child’s attention. They are sewn of colored felt and your child can play with them and form words and sentences. Sewing is not difficult here, there are ready-made templates, get inspired!

These letter pads are amazing! The set contains five different gold foil fonts and many other decorative graphics. It’s charming overall and a modern take on childhood ABC blocks. They are easy to make, and while they won’t make a good gift for a child, they sure make a great gift for a type or design enthusiast.

Whether you’re at home in school or just looking to work on letters with your preschooler, these DIY wooden alphabet learning discs are a great teaching tool. As a bonus, they can look gorgeous in your home when displayed on a shelf in the canvas bag pictured, or the slices can be placed in a decorative bowl. These wooden letters can even be used to build activities with your child. There really are so many options. By the end of the post, read four learning activities with these rustic study cuts.

These crochet letter cards are amazing to use to teach your kids, they are colorful and super cute. Fun to crochet each letter and see how they are all constructed. They can also be used as Valentine’s Day cards for your child’s friend.

Colorful letter magnets will help your kids learn the alphabet if you have a magnetic board. Make different ones and put them on the magnetic board or the fridge – your child will love playing and composing words with them!

More alphabet blocks here! Alphabet blocks are a common decor in kindergartens, but the typical rainbow-colored ones won’t go exactly with the room decor if it’s not that colorful. These neutrals are made from balsa wood and fit easily into a quiet room.

Magnetic letters dipped in color are the perfect addition to any refrigerator or office cubicle. And if you don’t have a magnetic surface to place them on, you can always hot glue them to any surface! You can find out how easy they are in the following video tutorial.

This is a very simple project: it takes an evening to cut out the letters. You can play with the letters that make up words right on a table or use felt. The felt you use as slate can be hung and the letters will stick to it. The alphabet can be packed well into this felt after playing. You will then need a string or ribbon to tie it.

These magnets are so easy and fun! They are made of colored clay, you can make them together with your child – get creative! Grab your supplies and get started! Your kids will thank you and enjoy writing words on a magnetic board.

Make alphabet magnets more stylish by spraying them with metallic paint. That way, the letters will be chic and won’t spoil the inside. This is a great craft for those who have a magnetic board on their desk. You can create inspiring sentences.

Live by the sea? Or celebrate Christmas on the beach? Decorating is key to creating the right mood, and Christmas decorations on the beach are very special: mixing such different themes looks very exotic! We've already shown you some beach Christmas ornaments and now let's look at other decorations.

Beach Christmas trees

This beautiful modern little Christmas tree consisted of a cone, lots of seashells and a star fish. It's an alternative tree or topiary that is not difficult to make: the main technique is to glue elements onto the cone, even kids can do it. Read the tutorial and do some crafts!

Christmas is just around the corner again, and now it's time to try your hand at making a driftwood Christmas tree. It is a nice table alternative to a normal tree and can be assembled easily and very quickly with the help of the tutorial. Decorate your driftwood tree with lights and maybe small ornaments or beads if the tree is tiny.

Here's another great beach Christmas tree to use on fireplaces, shelves, window sills, and other surfaces. It's a way to decorate a cone with glitter and sequins, as well as a star fish topper - looks very holiday-like and very beach-like! I love the gold color, which is reminiscent of the sand color, and I enjoy the simplicity of the tutorial.


A coastal holiday wreath is ideal for an east, west, or gulf coast home (and for those of you who want to live near the coast)! Pencil starfish, burlap, and an inspirational word make this wreath a natural, stunning, and easy wreath to make! This wreath is very calm and peaceful, there is no glitter or sparkle, it is neutral and very stylish, while beach mood is represented only with star fish - you can make such a wreath for the usual Christmas decoration by skipping them.

This intricate and chic Christmas wreath is made of a wooden twig wreath that looks very delicate and chic. I love the colors, the floral choices, and the gorgeous turquoise and light blue colors on the wreath - you can add more detail if you want. Decorate your wall, front door, window or any other room with this delicate beach piece.

This is a super luscious Christmas wreath with combinations of traditional Christmas elements like berries, pine cones, and foliage, as well as star fish and seashells. The best thing about this seaside Christmas wreath is that you can use any colors, lettering, and ornaments you want and everything is interchangeable. The best thing about this seaside Christmas wreath is that you can use any colors, lettering, and ornaments you want and everything is interchangeable. So if you decide on different color decorations next year, you can simply swap out the lettering and the bow.


Here is a beautiful and glamorous Christmas sign for a beach house! This is a gold glitter sign with a touch of red with a nautical theme. If you have stencils on hand, it is very easy to do. If not, just download them from the tutorial or get creative and paint each letter yourself.

This offshore Christmas DIY sign will look great on the mantle during the holidays. You can even attach some command bars to the back and hang them on the wall. You can really see the textured metallic paint glow from all angles, and I love its texture and color. Looks so beachy!

Different decor

If you have a lot to do with seafood and you have a lot of clams or clams, this tutorial will help you recycle them. You will create a beautiful sea-inspired shell candle holder with a glamorous touch. If you don't know how to prepare your clams or any other clams for crafting, there is a detailed tutorial on how to prepare and wash and dry them.

Don't you love candle glow If you love how lighting a candle can add an instant ambiance to an entire room then there is an insanely simple and inexpensive, and very beach-chic DIY for you! Let's make your own beach candle holders like the ones we all love at Pottery Barn that will add an organic beach feel to your home this Christmas. The cost of each candle holder was just over a dollar! Can you imagine them standing in the middle of a beach table or scattered over a mantelpiece? These little candle holders have a huge punch of light, airy Christmas style!

I believe that seashells are the funnest, most affordable home decor decor accessory you will ever find. Take a lantern, cover it with jute, and add some decorative or real seashells painted the beach color. Such a lantern will fill your home with a soft glow for Christmas. You can use them on a mantelpiece, table, or windowsill.

Make this adorable pillow for Christmas! It's a fun and moody project to rock, it's a nicely decorated accessory with a glitter crab, some funny words and a Santa hat. Read the tutorial and use it to accentuate your home.

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