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DIY craft idea for children: Christmas tree
button crafts

DIY craft idea for children: Christmas tree button crafts

Easy activity for children during the Christmas season. Design small Christmas trees or fir trees out of wool, small pompoms and branches. Beautiful Christmas decorations or as a souvenir in the Advent season #Tannenbaum #Tanne #Advent button crafts

Buttons can be a very cool material for almost all types of decorations, you can literally make anything out of them. Grab a handful of buttons and check out these tutorials!

Do you want to make a boho inspired room divider? Get lots of buttons and pin them on thread or fishing line - as many as you want and vary different colors and sizes for fun curtains.

Do you need colorful coasters without a fuss? Take buttons and glue and create coasters of all sorts of shapes.

You can make adorable bookmarks using buttons, paper clips, and E6000, and this craft is great for kids too, so keep them busy.

Gluing buttons is what you need to spice up a photo frame. Pick a frame you like, paint it if necessary, let it dry and glue the buttons you like.

If you're looking for a bold and original piece of art that you can even make with kids, buttons are your inspiration! Take them and glue them to plywood or cardboard in the shape of your choice - a tree, heart, or word or monogram.

Another idea for a button wall art is using an embroidery hoop and sewing buttons to create a picture or just plain messy.

A common sofa cushion can easily be decorated with a button application. Draw your picture on the pillow, then sew the buttons according to the contour.

A simple and cute napkin ring can be made with a large button and some fabric. Select all the patterns, fabrics and buttons you want.

Ordinary mason jars can be turned into fantastic pen holders with a thread with colorful buttons. Secure it where you need it with glue and voila!

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