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diy confetti gift wraps

diy confetti gift wraps

We’ll keep cheering you up with confetti crafts, and today’s roundup is devoted to gift wrapping and labels. Confetti always scream for parties and fun and there is nothing more natural than confetti that is added to gift wrapping and labels. Let’s see how to build them into these DIYs.

Boxes, bags and wraps

These colorful gift boxes are suitable for both adults and children and are decorated with geometric confetti. The boxes are painted in bold colors, and white confetti stands out in the colorful background. Top the boxes with colorful pompoms and give your presents!

I totally love this cake shaped confetti gift box, whatever you put in it will be special! It consists of a standard round box and some bold colors and paper confetti. The craft is pretty simple and the result is very capricious. Don’t forget to add candles!

How can you freshen up wrapping paper at once? Make bold and colorful confetti decor! All you have to do is create a desired look with glue and attach paper confetti to it. Shake off the excess confetti and you have a really fun and unique gift!

This is a very colorful and fun confetti wrap idea! It is made of clear cellophane – so the confetti can be shaken underneath and change its appearance. Put in as much colorful confetti as you want – between paper and cellophane, your wrap will give a fun look.

Usual drawstring bags can be spiced up to give gifts – all you need is craft paint in different colors. Dot the fabric in the time you want and make your fun confetti bags to make someone happy with your gift. Enjoy!

Make paper confetti and use it to decorate paper bags! It is a simple and quick idea to do your guests a favor, add bold and bright confetti, and have fun!

Here is another idea to spice up common paper gift bags. Take shiny and brightly colored confetti and affix it to your favorite paper bags in a wide strip clearly for a bold, modern look. The craft is very quick and easy, a perfect last minute.


Grab the usual gift tags or make your own and give them a bold, festive look with colorful paper confetti. Pour some glue and then put confetti, shake off the excess, and you’re done. Write the names and put the fun and colorful tags on the gifts.

These fun gemstone gift tags are made of clear cellophane and give them a 3D look. Inside, you’ll see bold sequins as confetti – this is a creative and fun idea to add a bold touch to simple gift wrap. You can repeat the gemstone looks on the wrapping paper.

I love these fun cut out gift tags! They are decorated with colorful washi tape and bold paper confetti that is attached to the gift tag. Add colorful yarn to hang the tags and write whatever you like – so cute and so fun!

These brightly colored and bold confetti ribbons will help you make the gift stand out – you don’t need the usual gift tags! All you need is clear tape and bold and colorful confetti. Find out how to make these gift bows instead of the usual gift tags. You are super cute!

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