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DIY Concrete Lamp – Creative Photography Tips and Photo Hacks
diy concrete decorations

DIY Concrete Lamp – Creative Photography Tips and Photo Hacks diy concrete decorations

DIY concrete lamp instructions diy concrete decorations

Concrete is a popular material for decor and furniture because it is durable, budget-friendly, easy to work with, and looks very modern and chic. Today I'm sharing some great ideas for concrete home decorations and accessories. All of them are pretty easy to make and you won't waste much time on them.

The first craft is about a chic modern concrete bowl. This chic and glamorous sheet of concrete is easy to make and essential at any party. Here, you can display everything from macarons and cookies to cheese and meat.

Are you decorating the outside of your home for the holidays? This is a great time of year to see all of the festive homes in our neighborhood and just drive around. Today's craft idea is a great way to add fun Christmas decorations to your home. Turn simple concrete blocks into fun Christmas gift boxes.

We saw a lot of concrete pieces - planters, stools, tables and so on, but a picture frame? So unexpected! Such a design can be very noticeable, especially if you take a picture with nature.

DIY with concrete is the new way to tinker and can be used for fall. We have all got used to decorating natural and artificial pumpkins, but how about durable pumpkins that can be used every year? Make concrete pumpkins and paint them however you like, they will add a modern feel to your fall decor.

Concrete furniture and decorative pieces are very popular these days as they are easy to make and look very modern and hot just like these concrete candle holders. Do them with common plastic bottles and you will love the result.

This tree art sculpture makes a great fall or winter decoration and can even be used as a hat or scarf holder depending on the branches you choose.

Concrete vases? Yes, please! To make them look amazing, you can take on an unusual vase shape, for example a honey bear bottle like this one. Read the entire tutorial on how to do it.

The new Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens is here! Who else is excited about this? In celebration of the new Star Wars movie, do this little Star Wars-related geeky DIY - a Death Star pot that doubles as a decoration.

When planning a celebration, you need original and cool table numbers. An ideal variant is making concrete - they look cool, are difficult to spoil, and easy to decorate.

Christmas isn't ready, so why not make some great Christmas concrete decorations? These are shaped like macarons and color-blocked.

Concrete tealight holders are a great idea that will look very modern and chic. The shape used was an avocado half, but you can rock any other.

Make a letter and an ampersand for home decor or for a special occasion. Here they stay as they are, but when you are on vacation just paint or glitter them.

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