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diy colorful pumpkins

diy colorful pumpkins

Have you seen creepy and scary pumpkins in black on Halloween? Neutral or traditional for Thanksgiving? Too boring and common! Go for bold colors to lighten your mood this fall! We’re sharing colorful and bright pumpkins for all of the fall holidays – make some and brighten up your home!

Forget the orange and black pumpkin decor this year and go for really bold colors and shades! Upload a goddamn rainbow of color to a mini pumpkin. Combine shine and color into an absolute feast for the eyes! And you can do it in just an hour. Read the tutorial and make your fall decor sparkle this year!

Make a gorgeous DIY no-carve pumpkin for little mermaids. It’s a Disney Ariel inspired pumpkin with glitter, pearls, seashells and a mini fork to complete your under the sea creation. It’s a great idea for a seaside or seaside interior. It’s a real delight for children and adults too who love the mermaid theme. Enjoy!

Check out these super cute DIY chill pill Halloween pumpkins! Sometimes we all need to take a chill pill. So why not make a giant pumpkin chill pill out of it? All you have to do is paint a little and add vinyl stickers or stencil the letters on the pumpkin, and voila! This pumpkin will surely show how cold you are this Halloween.

It’s pumpkin time! While there are literally thousands of ways to decorate a pumpkin, these alcohol ink pumpkins are perhaps the most eye-catching. Although alcohol inks are messy, they make the most unique and beautiful patterns. Almost like a cross between marbling and drops of paint, but still very different. And you can’t beat their vivid colors! So grab some alcohol inks and a white fake pumpkin and let me show you how to make your own alcohol ink pumpkins!

Don’t you want to paint or stencil anything? No problem, there are plenty of other ways to decorate a pumpkin without that! This Mod Podged Pumpkin features beautiful watercolor wrapping paper and is perfect for your fall decorations. This is a great fall boat for kids too! The result is a bright and colorful pumpkin with a floral print – what can be cuter for fall?

All bold colors are welcome for this craft! For young children, pumpkins may not be on the cards until they are older. This no-carve squash-paint pumpkin art is an easy setup that results in beautiful and colorful pumpkins. This is a fun process art project for kids that results in beautiful abstract pumpkin art.

Here is another DIY rainbow painted pumpkin craft, they are very easy to make, great to do with kids, and are damn pretty because rainbows all make us happy! The pumpkins are painted in bold colors and paler tones – in stripes for a cool look. Ask your children to help, they may like this idea.

This no-carve pumpkin message is so easy to create and turned out to be so cute. Use yarn to create the message you like on your pumpkin. Make more and more colorful pumpkins that they paint and then add different messages with yarn. You can also try string art on the pumpkins to leave messages, it’s a very trendy idea.

Make a brightly colored pumpkin for this fall using brightly colored tissue paper and some mod podge – the crafting is pretty simple and has some color blocking and geometry that is sure to make your space bolder and catchier. Make the colorful pumpkin quick and convenient and enjoy!

Who doesn’t love donuts with colored glazes and sprinkles? I’m sure you do too and everyone does! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make brightly colored, donut-inspired pumpkins with deep purple, royal blue, scarlet, teal glazes and sprinkles – not real ones, but painted ones. Spice up your home decor with delicious donut pumpkins!

Here’s another delicious dessert-inspired craft: these are macaron pumpkins. If you’re looking for last minute pumpkin ideas that you can easily bring together, check out this one. They are super easy to make and no carving is required! If you love macarons as much as I do, you definitely need a macaron pumpkin this Halloween. Read the tutorial and add candy to your room.

Even if you’ve never heard of Memphis Design, you’ve probably seen it. This design style was named after the Memphis design group from the early 80s and is usually represented by bright splashes of color combined with basic geometric shapes and black and white geometric patterns. Inspired by the colorful designs of the Memphis Design Group, these pumpkins will brighten up your space.

These brightly colored pumpkins are inspired by Care Bears. How much fun are these pumpkins? They’re also no-carve and super easy to do. Who wouldn’t love to share a few Care Bears cheering for this Halloween? I know i do! These are some super happy and cute Halloween pumpkins. You’re the perfect throwback to your childhood squash!

If you are expecting a baby or babies and are preparing for a cool baby shower, you are probably thinking about the theme and the set up. But what to keep in mind is the food and the various goodies, and desserts are among the first to think about it. Make a wonderful cake for your baby shower! It could be a gender reveal, themed reveal, or just a cute piece with berries or flowers - it's up to you. I've prepared some cool recipes to choose from, let's get started!

If you are expecting or planning a gender reveal party then this simple marble gender reveal cake is perfect! All you need to make these cute pink and blue marbled swirls is to run lines of pink and blue frosting over your already frozen cake and smooth them out with a spatula. Fill your cake with colored candy that you like.

Devil's Food Cake, tinted white chocolate mousse, and double chocolate fondant frosting are deliciously layered to hide the cutest surprise in this baby giraffe cake! The final component of the decorations was a band of alternating pink and blue sixlets around the top and bottom of the cake to finish off the edges. Whether you're baking for Team Pink or Team Blue, this baby giraffe's triple chocolate gender cake is the cutest way to share the surprise.

This is a chocolate mocha cake with mocha buttercream. Put the pillow and baby's head on the cake. Roughly made a small body and covered it with a fondant blanket. Cut out some polka dots with icing tips on the back and glue them with water. Make a small bottle and place it near the sleeping baby. Voila!

This is a vanilla cake filled with fresh whipped cream and strawberries, topped with a blue whale. The sides of the cake resemble ocean waves and are ombre. Such a cute idea for a boy's baby shower!

This rich cake is champagne génoise with an Italian egg yolk buttercream instead of traditional buttercream. The royal icing animals are piglets and elephants, and since they are pink animals, we all understand that this is a great baby shower idea for girls.

This tutorial includes 8 inch red velvet cakes, a dozen chocolate cupcakes, and a dozen vanilla cupcakes, as one cake wasn't enough for all. The cake is mint colored, has a wicker design and a cool duckling over it - we all know ducks are often chosen for baby showers.

Not only is this cake loaded and soaked in milk, but the frosting tastes just like strawberry ice cream or strawberry milk shake. It's incredible! The cake itself is a white cake soaked in milk. Super moist, super milky and super tasty.

This is a special baby shower cake! The whole cake is covered with icing stars and filled with homemade chocolate mousse instead of the usual icing. If you have a girls baby shower just change the colors and the inscription!

This cake is great for a gender shower! It's ombre pink inside, but of course if it's a boy - replace pink with pink. The cake is very light and definitely doesn't feel heavy at all, it's not very sugary, and it's very tasty! Read the full tutorial to find out how to bake one.

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