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diy cold soup recipes

diy cold soup recipes

Even though summer is coming to an end, it’s still hot so we all need some refreshment. Cold and refreshing food is at the top – ice cream, cheesecake, iced tea and many other delicious things. If you want something more nutritious, you need a cold soup. There are many delicious recipes in different kitchens around the world. Let’s check out the most delicious recipes that will inspire you to cook!

The cucumber and avocado marriage is great for keeping you updated. Apples are added here, but if you don’t feel like mixing apples into the cold soup, just try it as a topping and see for yourself. Pieces of apple and cucumber add texture and freshness!

This delicious cream and cucumber soup can be made and enjoyed all week long. So you have to cook first, but the rest is easy. Use your favorite puree method and be rewarded with a refreshing summer soup that will make your guests faint. The soup must be prepared in advance, refrigerated for at least four hours, and then adjusted for seasoning. Food served cold requires more salt to taste than food served warm. A little bit of a hassle at first but well worth the effort and a great way to take advantage of the plentiful summer products.

If you like mint and have a chilled soup every now and then, you’ll love mint pea soup! This recipe for a mint pea soup is made with a love tap. If you want to be hit on the head with mint just increase the amount by 2 teaspoons or so and you will have an experience with mint pea soup! This mint and pea soup is delicious served hot or chilled. It can be served in cute little cups as a party starter.

This chilled chickpea soup is everything you love about hummus in soup form. It’s gluten-free and easy to make vegan (just leave out the feta). Plus, it’s full of protein and calcium! You can definitely prepare both the soup and the topping and keep them in the refrigerator. The soup tends to thicken a bit as it cools. So just dilute them with a little more almond milk or water.

This green chilli soup with three onions is a delicious cold soup with a richness made from the use of three different types of onion and a little spice from roasted green chilli. For a bit of sweetness and crunch, this soup is topped off with a dash of sour cream and roasted pinons. Serve with a simple grilled cheddar and bacon cheese or your favorite for a full meal.

There is nothing more refreshing than a bowl of ice cold gazpacho. So when the temperatures are triple digits, don’t sweat, make soup! Heirloom tomatoes are fruity, sweet and less acidic than regular tomatoes. A little olive oil loosens and enriches the puree, and a dash of sherry vinegar enlivens it.

This is refreshing and without cooking a delicious summer yogurt soup is required. Amazing recipe to prepare for you or your guests a few days in advance. The best thing about this soup is that you can prepare it in advance, store it in the freezer or refrigerator, and then finish it a few minutes before serving. And even serving that soup can be a special event or part of the serving for your guests.

This cold cucumber soup is super tasty and extremely refreshing and the perfect dish to cool you down on hot summer days. The soup is called tarator, a traditional Bulgarian summer soup that can be found on the menu of many restaurants and restaurants. It’s actually a chilled soup, although some people prefer to call it a liquid salad, which works really well on the palette.

Floating furniture is popular because it has a cool, modern look and it saves space. While you can find many ready-made pieces in stores, you can also make some to fit your own space exactly. Sideboards, shelves, desks, and many other pieces of furniture can be made floating; Such pieces fit in Scandinavian, modern, minimalist, industrial and even vintage rooms - give them a look that you need. Now I want to share some tutorials for those of you who are feeling smart and ready to do something. Find the coolest floating shelves, sideboards and bedside tables here.

Floating shelves

This little shelf is so cool not only because it's floating, but also because it offers some storage space inside. Keep your little things inside to make them hidden! Make as many shelves as you need - the tutorial is pretty simple - and enjoy!

Every dining room or kitchen needs some shelves to store dishes, photos, and other things. Make some comfortable and durable pine floating shelves and mount them on the wall for convenient storage and display. Read the instructions to find out how to make them.

This comfortable floating shelf is very small, but a little different: it also has a back! It makes it more stable and convenient for storage - even the smallest items don't fall anywhere. Read how to make the piece in the tutorial and enjoy.

These stylish floating shelves have a live edge, which is a hot trend in modern decor: a live edge gives the room a rustic flair. This tutorial will walk you through how to make the shelves and attach them to each wall to make them stable.

Do you need something a little more creative? Here are floating bookshelves! And I'm not just talking about shelves for books - they're real shelves made of books. Such a cool and interesting display! You can put anything on it: vases with flowers, cameras, souvenirs and other things.

Here's another floating shelf idea, and this piece is eco-friendly because it's made from driftwood. A great idea for a beach-inspired or boho room! Although any wood would be sufficient if you have other wood on hand, it's fine. Read how to make and attach this shelf.

This shelf is a perfect piece for a girl's corner as it is a floating shelf with a secret room. You will get storage space on and on the shelf - a good idea for storing jewelry and other things. Read how to make a shelf with a secret and enjoy the result!

Floating sideboard

Make a floating buffet for your dining area or breakfast nook! Such a buffet looks modern and yet neutral enough, offers plenty of storage space and is easy to put together. The basis for the vehicle will be the IKEA Metod cupboard, which has a pretty wooden panel made from a wooden panel. Looks good!

Here's another cool floating piece, and it's a floating sideboard. It's a glossy white piece that's covered with light-colored plywood for a more stylish touch. Offers plenty of storage space and fits perfectly into a modern room. Choose the plywood color that goes with your room decor.

We love to hack IKEA! The IKEA Besta shelf is a perfect piece to create a stylish floating sideboard. Take a white one and get some matching doors, then some aspen wood to make a cool sideboard top. Cover the top with polyurethane for durability.

This long and stylish sideboard was made from IKEA kitchen cabinet tops mounted directly on the wall in traditional sideboard. The sideboard received a plywood top and elegant buttons for a cool look. Check out how to peel the whole piece off and attach it to the wall.

Another IKEA hack is here! This floating sideboard consists of three IKEA cabinets (above the refrigerator cabinets with Applad doors) with the Ikea mounting rails and fittings. To make it look more stylish, the sideboard is covered with a natural wooden top.

Floating bedside tables

This small bedside table is ideal for those who don't have space in the bedroom and perfect for those who love to read as the base of this bedside table is a pile of books. You can put anything you want on it: a glass of water, a phone, glasses and so on.

If your bedroom is modern or Scandinavian, this bedside shelf is a perfect fit! The piece is made from a couple of pine boards and is relatively small so you won't put much on top of it, but it will only make a few pieces. Can be built in a few minutes, have fun!

A standard closet door can easily be converted into a floating bedside table. Renovate the door to your liking and give it a look that fits your bedroom style. Then just clip it to the wall and read the instructions - it's easy!

This bedside table looks like a box and offers more storage space than a small floating shelf. Build the wooden box and paint or varnish it to your liking. Then add little finishing nails to make the box's bedside table look cooler and bolder. Enjoy!

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