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diy coasters for valentines day

diy coasters for valentines day

Valentine’s Day is less than a month from now, and many of us have already started the preparations: some are planning a brunch in Galentine, others preparing surprises for their loved one, and many of us are looking for cool favors and gifts. There is nothing like a handmade gift because you put your heart in it and a pack of beautiful coasters is perfect for everyone: a girlfriend, boyfriend or just friends. To look at them and remind yourself that Valentine’s Day is pleasant and heartwarming. Let’s make cool coasters for the coming vacation.

Who doesn’t like a chalky finish and chipped edges made of natural slate? This material is quite difficult to work with, but you can easily emulate it by reading this tutorial. These coasters are made of wood and are painted with blackboard paint. Then the correct letters are added. Read how to make these cuties and give someone a special gift!

This tutorial will show you how to make a whole set: coasters, napkin rings, placemats and other items. The craft is about drawing geometric hearts of different colors on them – such a craft is simple and does not require a lot of time or effort. Read How It’s Done and Enjoy!

These are heart-shaped coasters with calligraphy and they look very romantic. Take faux leather, cut out some hearts, and use markers to write what you’d like – any words associated with this holiday are welcome. This is a great last minute craft!

These chic coasters are made from white hardware tiles with gold, silver, bronze, red, and pink snipers. The design is pretty simple and elegant, and you can write and decorate the tiles however you want. Decorate the coasters with confetti or confetti hearts for a sweet romantic feeling.

Wood discs are always a good idea – they can be a nice base for many crafts. Take a pack of wooden slices and add them with a heart template for Valentine’s Day – shades of red, pink and gold are welcome. Add your monograms if you want and voila!

Here’s another idea with wooden discs – here the hearts are made with blackboard paint so they look more rustic than the previous craft. The slices can be undone or covered with different finishes, it’s up to you.

Cork coasters are great, and you can decorate them in a number of different ways, including Valentine’s Day decor. Hearts, arrows, stripes and many other things that are traditional for Valentine’s Day are welcome. Just take some colors of your choice and stencil paint them. Have fun!

These are the most glamorous Valentine’s Day coasters I’ve ever seen! These are pieces of cork decorated with metallic glitter. Each piece includes a glitter heart and some glitter to make it look a little messy and yet very cool. Aren’t they just beautiful?

If sewing is your fancy, make these cool conversation heart coasters in different colors and embroider some words or letters on them to make them look more natural. Don’t forget an inner layer to make the coasters easier to use.

Love geometry? Make cool plastic bead coasters for Valentine’s Day! To make them more contrasting, choose black and red or pink pearls and create hearts on them. So cute and so quick to do!

Here is a cute craft for those who love to sew. These are simple coasters with hearts, they look like patchwork coasters. The main fabric is light gray and the colors are made with colorful printed fabric which makes them super cute. Get inspired!

There's only a week to Halloween and it's high time you got some final projects off the ground for your party! Today we're sharing some fun knitting and crochet pieces that are great for this vacation. Some of these are cute and some are really scary. Once you are comfortable with knitting and crochet techniques, it is high time to get started!

Black cats are traditional for Halloween, and crocheting some for the party is a great idea, not just for kids but adults too. This pattern is interesting because it is worked as a whole piece from top to bottom. That means the head, neck and body are one continuous piece! The little red bow collar is such a cute touch and a bright pop of color!

This is a Halloween cauldron with various things to fill it up, and it's fully crocheted! This plush toy is perfect for little hands. It features a large cauldron with a smiling jack-o-lantern, friendly ghost, and squishy spider. The features are all complemented with non-toxic, puffy paint, making the toy free of choking hazards!

Partly inspired by the Snapchat ghost, partly by a traditional ghoul, we think these little boys are the perfect Halloween homeware. And they are super easy, we promise! Perfect as a fun crochet project for beginners. Each individual ghost is made separately, starting at the top and bottom towards the bottom edge.

Skulls are natural for Halloween, they're everywhere, of every material and appearance, but a crocheted skull lantern is something new. Here is a picture of a new candle lighting the skull - it will make a beautiful decoration in your front window for Halloween! Check out how to crochet this piece to turn an ordinary mason jar into a cool lantern.

A sweet corn rat? Yes, please! This cute and fun colorful animal is a great idea to wow your kids on Halloween - you can put it on the dessert table and amaze the kids!

Let me introduce you to Cebollín, the hipster ghost, a naughty ghost who tries to be the most fashionable of the undead. And guess what? It glows in the dark! Crochet this ghost for the coming Halloween! Remember, if you are not the trendy type, the toy will look cute even without the accessories.

This little pattern from Jack Skellington - The Pumpkin King (character from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Xmas) is very simple, and you can easily sit an afternoon and make some key chains as Halloween gifts or even put them in your treat bag!

This little cauldron is such a fun Halloween crochet pattern that you can work up and add to your Halloween decor! And it's the perfect size to add those goodies to your candy as well!

With his dangling eyes and gaping mouth, this apparition is the classic zombie every inch. Clad in poor, ragged clothes, and with last word in bad hair days, this poor fellow has wounds all over the place, and his entrails flow from his midst in hideous garlands of wool. Don't worry too much, though - they'll neatly tuck into their specially made pouch if that's your preference.

Create a spooky tree with a branch or use these ornaments anywhere a little Halloween fun is needed. Choose from three Ghost variants and two sizes of Jack o 'Lanterns.

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