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diy clay home decorations

diy clay home decorations

Clay is a very simple and affordable material that even children can easily make from. That is why today I am sharing cool clay decorations for your home, you can make them yourself and you will enjoy the result.

Cacti are amazing and no less trendy than succulents today! You can make a cool clay cactus ring holder if you have a lot of jewelry to store. This colorful piece will help you organize all of the rings you have.

Do you have a lot of jewelry? Save it! This hairpin jar is a must have for every girl, and you can keep all of those cute little accessories there. It’s made of clay, read the entire tutorial in the source.

These fridge magnets look like little marshmallows – pastel, cute and beautiful! Make these magnets easy and decorate your fridge with them, the fridge will be very cute and beautiful!

Clay pottery has its roots in ancient history and although pottery is now available in stores but you don’t have to buy anything, you can just make cool speckled pottery yourself! Read this tutorial to find out how.

Pinch pots are an easy way to make clay bowls in the sense that they don’t require a lot of skill or material, and air-dry clay is the best option, though it can be fussy. It’s more of a putty texture and doesn’t smooth as easily, but this can be managed by wetting your hands frequently while you work with the clay to keep it moist. So keep that in mind with this DIY. It takes patience and a lot of love, but it’s just as cool and an easy first step in building clay projects!

If you have air plants this vehicle is for you as it shows how air plant holders are made and of course you can use them as photo holders too. Read on to find out how you can create one for yourself.

These door handles were made of polymer clay. They look like real metal furniture and make the furniture a lot more beautiful. Old metal buttons were used to create a pattern on clay. See the source for more details.

These coasters made of clay inspire with their cool and sophisticated patterns, a pretty craft for this spring! The patterns are made using a variety of vintage buttons and buttons. It’s up to you which ones and where you use them. Enjoy!

This cool DIY marble clock is made from air-dry clay. It’s a very simple and rather trendy project as the marble effect is very topical in decor today. Read how to make this clock in the source and decorate your space in a trendy way.

Do you need creative magnets for your fridge? No problem! Make these out of air dry clay and paint colorful mandalas on them! such a bold spruce for your fridge or magnetic board! Read on to find out how to do that.

Granite looks very chic and unusual! Do you want to try? Buy some and make these geometric coasters! A trivet is a must for every kitchen, and geometric decor is very popular today. Read the tutorial to find out how to work with this type of clay.

There are all kinds of magnets out there, but I have to say that pot magnets are my favorites. You can put something alive in them or just a few evergreen plants to keep your fridge looking fresh! Read the tutorial to find out how to make a clay pot magnet.

Watercolor is more popular than ever - these diluted colors and shapes look beautiful and very relaxing. Watercolor clothes, shoes, accessories, home textiles, and furniture - we see them everywhere, so let's add a bit of trendy watercolor to your home decor to create a watercolor wall art piece. The number of types of watercolor artwork is endless: your home state, geoforms, various images, landscapes, even your photos that have been printed and then jazzed up with watercolors. I am sure everyone will find something they like. There are large format watercolor artworks that combine two decor trends: watercolor and large sizes, and they really make a statement.

You can create all kinds of watercolor artwork: abstract, ombre, various shapes, images, geometry, and so on. The basic technique and accessories are almost the same everywhere: you need watercolors, brushes, frames, and watercolor paper. Decide on the picture and the colors you want, stick with your room decoration: it's seaside, paint an anchor or a seascape, it's modern, go for geometric prints. Once you've chosen an image, first sketch it out on paper with a pencil, or if you're pretty sure, just paint. First, press a little of your first color onto cardboard or another piece of watercolor paper. First, dip the brush in just enough water to distribute the paint without thinning it out too much. Paint according to your shape or picture you want to get and don't forget to change the intensity of the colors if you want to get an ombre effect. If you want to get a geometric watercolor work of art, first paint the paper the colors you want and then let it dry. Now cut the paper into the desired geoform and attach it to cardboard or paper. If you're just painting, the geoforms have thinned outlines. When your design is ready, just let it dry for a while and then frame it or just mount it on the wall as you wish.

Voila, now your artwork is ready! Read the tutorials below to find the artwork you like best and create it at home using the step-by-step guide.

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